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Readers Respond: Do You Have a Question About Catholicism?

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From the article: Reader Questions From 2010
Two thousand years of history and development of doctrine has made Catholicism a rich and varied religion. That variety, however, can sometimes lead to confusion. Ask any ten Catholics a question, and you might receive ten different answers. Do you have a question that you would like answered? Submit it here, and I will try to work it into our Reader Questions series.

Why Do Catholics Believe in Purgatory?

I don't believe in Purgatory. I came from a Protestant background that told us either you were saved and went to Heaven or you weren't and went to Hell. Can you help me understand what other Catholics believe (or should believe)?
—Guest karin

Abrogated Holy Days and Servile Work

When the obligation to attend Mass on holy days is abrogated—such as today, November 1 [2010], which is on a Monday—are we still obliged to refrain from unnecessary servile work/ buying and selling? Thank you, Scott. I have just now discovered your blog but have been a faithful follower of yours via "Chronicles."
—Guest Robert Schroder

Feasts and Solemnities

What is the difference between a Feast and a Solemnity?
—Guest Keith Richards

Catechism of the Catholic Church

With the revision of the wording of the Mass are they also going too revise the catechism?

Purgatory and the Final Judgment

Section 1030 of the Catechism states that all who die in grace, but imperferctly purified, will enter purgatory prior to the heavenly reward. However, Sections 1038-1041 discusses the final coming of Christ but no mention of any final purification such as Purgatory. Please explain how anything unclean can enter the Kingdom of Heaven without purification?
—Guest Ted k

Most Important Feast

What is the most important celebration of the Church year?
—Guest matthew

Anglican Use Liturgy

In the 10-26-07 issue of the About.com Catholicism newsletter was the following sentence: "Rumors earlier this year indicated that Pope Benedict XVI is considering granting the Anglican-use liturgy a status similar to that of the Traditional Latin Mass, allowing any priest to use it." Has this happened?

Intermarriage and Children

In the Roman Catholic faith, what is the status of a child born from a marriage of a Roman Catholic woman to a Jewish man. Is the child Jewish, Catholic, or neither?

Carved Images

Why carved images allowed in the Catholic Church? is it not in contrast with the commandment, "Thou shalt not worship idols"?

Questions About the Rosary

Why do Catholics pray the holy rosary? What is the origin of the rosary? Has there been any biblical support?
—Guest karen G. abas

Going to a Non-Catholic Wedding

Is it wrong for a Catholic to go to a non-Catholic wedding?

Nuns Wearing Habits in Chicago

I was surprised to see 2 nuns wearing brown (dress part with a white rope around the waist) and black (top part) in full habits in Chicago. What order are they? Are they now allowed to wear open, sandal-type healed shoes. Please excuse this question, but the answer is important and obviously, I am not Catholic. It is difficult to find answers about current day/modern nuns. Thank you kindly.

Basis of Practices

I am a Catholic. I read the Bible but can't fully understand it. I wanted to find where can I find the basis of the practices like the holy rosary, feast days, etc. Does God listens to the memorized prayer more than the prayer that comes from the heart?
—Guest kristine lu

Why Do We Need to Pray to Saints?

I understand that Catholics pray to Saints because their understanding is that they are asking them to pray to the Father for them. This does not make sense because Jesus said in the Bible, "No one can come to the Father except through Me," so my understanding of that is He should be the only other name used during prayer or worship.
—Guest Vicky

Fasting Before Communion

What are the fasting rules prior to receiving Holy Communion?
—Guest Bill

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