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The Basics of Catholicism

Explore the beliefs and practices of Catholicism while learning more about the Catholic Church.

Catholic Beliefs and Practices
Catholicism Spotlight10

The Seven Sacraments

Learn the basics of the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church.

Anima Christi

This beautiful prayer, which dates from the early 14th century, was translated by John Henry Cardinal Newman.

A Prayer to Saint Dominic

In this prayer to Saint Dominic, we pray for the virtues of penance, purity, fidelity, and charity.

About Catholicism's Novena of the Week

Every week, find a new novena selected by Scott P. Richert, the Catholicism expert for About.com.

How Late Can I Arrive at Mass and Still Receive Communion?

How much of the Mass do you need to attend in order to receive Communion? The answer may surprise you.

How Often Can Catholics Receive Holy Communion?

Can Catholics receive Communion more than once per day? If so, under what conditions?

The Five Types of Prayer

Prayer is how Christians communicate with God and the saints. Learn about the five major types of prayer.

What Are Patron Saints?

Learn about the history of patron saints, what they do, and how they are chosen.

The Litany of the Most Holy Name of Jesus

This exquisite Litany of the Most Holy Name of Jesus was likely composed in the early 15th century by Saints Bernardine of Siena and John Capistrano.

A Prayer to Saint Anne, Mother of Mary

In this prayer to Saint Anne, we ask the mother of Mary to pray for us so that we may grow in love for Christ and His Mother.

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