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The Basics of Catholicism

Explore the beliefs and practices of Catholicism while learning more about the Catholic Church.

Catholic Beliefs and Practices
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The Doctors of the Church

The Doctors of the Church are great saints known for their defense and explanation of the truths of the Catholic Faith. Learn more about the Doctors of the Church.

A Prayer of Saint Augustine to the Blessed Virgin

In this prayer, Saint Augustine of Hippo illustrates both Christian reverence for the Mother of God and the proper understanding of intercessory prayer.

A Prayer to Saint Monica for Mothers

This prayer for Saint Monica's intercession is particularly appropriate today, when mothers face such great challenges raising their children.

The Litany of Saint Louis of France

The Litany of Saint Louis of France seeks the intercession of King Louis IX, the model of chivalric virtue in the High Middle Ages and defender of the Christians of the Holy Land.

When Is All Saints Day 2014?

All Saints Day celebrates the lives of all Christians who have died in a state of grace. Find the date of All Saints Day 2014.

Confession and the Age of First Communion

Should the age of First Communion be raised because too few Catholics go to Confession?

About Catholicism's Novena of the Week

Every week, find a new novena selected by Scott P. Richert, the Catholicism expert for About.com.

A Prayer in Honor of Saint John the Baptist

This traditional prayer in honor of St. John the Baptist has three parts, corresponding to the three stages of his life.

Intellect and the Sacraments

Does the efficacy of the sacraments depend on our ability to understand what happens in them?

Team OLA: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Help the Mission of Our Lady of the Angels spread the Gospel of Christ in inner-city Chicago.

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