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Reader Stories: How Saint Anthony Helped Me Find a Lost Item


Every day, thousands (maybe millions!) of Catholics ask Saint Anthony of Padua, the patron saint of those who have lost items, to intercede for them. The following stories of Saint Anthony's intercession have been contributed by fellow readers of the About.com GuideSite to Catholicism. Click on the links below to read their stories of Saint Anthony's intercession. And if Saint Anthony has helped you find a lost item, please share your story with us!

"Saint Anthony Directs Our Attention to God's Glory"

I honestly and truly believe in the power of prayer. A while ago, I closed my heart to God after experiencing much difficulty in my life. Only recently have I begun to pray again; this was after I re…More

"I Have Great Faith in Saint Anthony"

I have great faith in Saint Anthony.I prayed to Saint Anthony and being Tuesday, the day St. Anthony is honoured, I had a feeling that it would be found.While all my family members spent nearly 2 hou…More

"All You Need Is Faith"

I lost my wallet one night in downtown. I was quite drunk that night and I was staggering everywhere. When I got home I immediately prayed to St. Anthony because it wasn't the first time I lost walle…More

"This Was a Gift From St Anthony to You"

I prayed to St Anthony because I had lost items, said the prayer from the heart and not the mind and it worked. The first one found his keys within 15 minutes, the second one got a call within 12 hou…More

"You Have to Believe and Have Faith!"

I knew St. Anthony was the Saint for lost things. My Mom used to pray to him and it always seemed to work. My Dad called me from Florida and said he lost his wallet. After I hung up from him, I went …More

"I Was Unable to Get to Work"

My partner came across a site stating that if I prayed to Saint Anthony, he would retrieve my car keys. Out of fun I decided to say out loud, "Saint Anthony, please help me find my car keys." No more…More

"I Spread the Word of St. Anthony's Intercession Constantly"

My mother has always been a devout Catholic and taught our entire family (I am the youngest of 15 kids) the prayer to St. Anthony. I remember hearing my mother recite the prayer in our St. Louis home…More

"Desperate to Get to Work, I Remembered the Prayer to St Anthony"

I was on my way to work and realised that my car keys weren't in their usual place. I immediately started searching all over the house, to no avail. I was convinced the keys had been stolen or had fa…More

"I Finally Gave in and Decided to Listen to St Anthony"

After two days of telling him to keep looking, knowing that he never looks properly, I finally started to get worried about it and started looking myself. I also couldn't find it in his bedroom where…More

"My Daughter Was Sad and Was Crying"

My daughter's hamster escaped from her cage one afternoon and had been gone for several hours. She could've found her way into any small space, hole or crevice by the time we discovered she was missi…More

"I Challenged Saint Anthony: Let's See How That Works"

I didn't as such believe in this kind of prayer. It was always pray to Jesus and through the Holy Spirit be empowered. On the day my daughter lost her earrings, it was just before leaving for school.…More

"I Have Great Faith in This Saint"

I prayed to St Anthony when I thought I had lost my late mother's engagement ring - and I could sense that St Anthony was leading me toward where I would find it - and yep - it was where he had lead …More

"I Truly Believed That He Would Return It to Me"

I was taught the prayer to St. Anthony when I was in Catholic school. Ever since then I say it and it never fails. I realized the next day that my wallet was missing and started freaking out. I said …More

"Thank You, St. Anthony"

I have not been a strong devotee of St. Anthony, but of recent, I have been reading "The Messenger." I have just read the story of St. Anthony's tongue remaining fresh after 750 years. It perplexed m…More

"What Have You Got to Lose?"

I usually find what I've been looking for within minutes. Recently, I was looking for two things before work. I found both in the last few seconds before I had to leave after 15 minutes search. This …More

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