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Prayers for Workers

Labor has been a part of the human condition since Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden for their sin. If we approach our work with the proper attitude, it can be a source of sanctification. In these prayers for workers, we request the strength we need to work hard and to dedicate our work to God.

Novena to Saint Joseph the Worker
This novena to St. Joseph, the patron of workers, is perfect for those times when we have an important project or assignment that we're having trouble completing.

Prayer for Fidelity to Work
This prayer to St. Joseph, patron of workers, helps us call to mind that all of our labor is part of our struggle on the road to heaven.

A Prayer for Workers
This beautiful prayer, composed by Pope John XXIII, asks Saint Joseph the Worker to help us regard our work as a means of growing in holiness.

A Prayer to Know Our Vocation
Discerning our vocation in life is important. This is a very good prayer to pray as a novena at those times in life when we need to make a decision about our vocation.

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