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Prayers for Mothers - Catholic Prayers for Mothers and Motherhood

For many Christians, their mothers are the primary source of their faith. From the Blessed Virgin Mary to St. Monica, mothers have played an important role in the building up of Christianity. Prayers on behalf of our mothers, and prayers for mothers themselves to recite, should be a daily part of our prayer life.

Prayer to Saint Monica for Mothers
Saint Monica faced a culture in which Christianity had not yet fully taken hold; we live in a culture in which Christianity is increasingly marginalized and children are pulled from the Faith. This prayer for her intercession on behalf of mothers is particularly appropriate today.

Prayer to Saint Gerard Majella for Motherhood
This prayer to St. Gerard Majella, the patron saint of mothers and motherhood, is for women trying to conceive.

Prayer to St. Gerard Majella for Safe Delivery
In this prayer, a mother asks St. Gerard Majella, patron of mothers, to intercede for her and her child during childbirth.

Prayer of Mothers
Motherhood is a wonderful opportunity to participate in God's creative activity. In this prayer, mothers ask for God's grace to cooperate with Him in the creation of new life and the salvation of their children.

Prayer of Parents for Their Children
Parenthood is a great responsibility; for Christian parents, that responsibility extends beyond physical care for their children to the salvation of their souls. We need to turn to God, as in this prayer, for guidance and for the grace necessary to fulfill this greatest of duties.

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