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Prayer to Saint Augustine of Hippo

For an Increase in Virtue and Good Works


In this prayer to Saint Augustine of Hippo (354-430), bishop and doctor of the Church, we ask the great convert to Christianity to intercede for us, that we may abandon evil and increase in virtue. Our earthly life is but a preparation for eternity, and true charity—love—is a foretaste of Heaven.

Prayer to Saint Augustine of Hippo

We humbly supplicate and beseech thee, O thrice-blessed Augustine, that thou wouldst be mindful of us poor sinners this day, daily, and at the hour of our death, that by thy merits and prayers we may be delivered from all evils, of soul as well as body, and daily increase in virtue and good works; obtain for us that we may know our God and know ourselves, that in His mercy He may cause us to love Him above all things in life and death; impart to us, we beseech thee, some share of that love with which thou so ardently glow, that our hearts being all inflamed with this divine love, happily departing out of this mortal pilgrimage, we may deserve to praise with thee the loving heart of Jesus for a never-ending eternity.

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