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Roman Catholic Liturgical Calendar 2008

Holy Days of Obligation and Moveable Feasts in Roman Catholicism


The following is a list of the dates of the Holy Days of Obligation in the United States for 2008, as well as the dates of moveable feasts (holy days whose dates change from year to year).

  • Mary, Mother of God (Tuesday, January 1, 2008)
    Holy Day of Obligation
  • Easter (Sunday, March 23, 2008)
  • Ascension (Thursday, May 1, 2008)
    Holy Day of Obligation (transferred to Sunday, May 4, 2008)
  • Corpus Christi (Thursday, May 22, 2008; transferred to Sunday, May 25, 2008)
  • All Saints Day (Saturday, November 1, 2008)
    Holy Day of Obligation (abrogated because it falls on a Saturday)
  • Christmas (Thursday, December 25, 2008)
    Holy Day of Obligation

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