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When Is Palm Sunday?


Icon of Christ's entrance into Jerusalem. (Photo © Slava Gallery, LLC; used with permission.)

Russian icon of Christ's entrance into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

(Photo © Slava Gallery, LLC; used with permission.)
Question: When Is Palm Sunday?
Palm Sunday, the final Sunday before Easter Sunday, falls on a different date each year. When is Palm Sunday?
Answer: Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week, the final week of Lent. Christian churches distribute palms (and sometimes pussy willows) on Palm Sunday to commemorate Christ's triumphal entrance into Jerusalem, when palm branches were placed in His path, before His arrest and Crucifixion on Good Friday.

Because the date of Palm Sunday depends on the date of Easter, the date of Palm Sunday changes every year. (See How Is the Date of Easter Calculated? for more details.) You can find the date of Palm Sunday in this and future years in the following articles:

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