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Holy Days of Obligation - Definition of Holy Days of Obligation


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Definition: Holy days of obligation are feast days on which Catholics are required to attend Mass and to avoid (to the extent that they are able) servile work. The observance of Holy Days of Obligation is part of the Sunday Duty, the first of the Precepts of the Church.

There are currently ten Holy Days of Obligation in the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church; in the United States, only six Holy Days of Obligation are observed.

For more on Holy Days of Obligation, including the dates when each Holy Day of Obligation will be celebrated in this and future years, see the following:

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FAQs About Holy Days of Obligation:

Pronunciation: ˈhōlē dāz əv ˌäbliˈgā sh ən

Also Known As: Solemnities

Examples: "My family and I always make sure to attend Mass on Holy Days of Obligation."

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