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Catholic Liturgical Calendar for Lent 2016

Liturgical Schedule for Lent 2016


Ash Wednesday 2010, St. Matthew Cathedral, Washington, D.C. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Catholics pray during an Ash Wednesday Mass at the Cathedral of Saint Matthew the Apostle, Washington, D.C., February 17, 2010.

(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Lent is a time of preparation for the death of Christ on Good Friday and His Resurrection on Easter Sunday. It is a period of 40 days of repentance, with prayer, fasting and abstinence, and Confession.

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, 46 days before Easter Sunday. (For an explanation why Lent begins 46 days before Easter but is only 40 days long, see How Are the 40 Days of Lent Calculated?) For Eastern Rite Catholics, Lent begins two days earlier, on Clean Monday. The following is a list of the dates of the Sundays and major feast days that fall in Lent 2016.

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  • First Sunday of Lent (Sunday, February 14, 2016)
  • Second Sunday of Lent (Sunday, February 21, 2016)
  • Third Sunday of Lent (Sunday, February 28, 2016)
  • Fifth Sunday of Lent (Passion Sunday) (Sunday, March 13, 2016)
  • Feast of Saint Patrick (Thursday, March 17, 2016)
  • Feast of Saint Joseph (Saturday, March 19, 2016)
  • Easter (Sunday, March 27, 2016)

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