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Readers Respond: Thank Pope Benedict XVI for His Years of Service

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From the article: Pope Benedict XVI

When Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation on February 11, 2013, he took the world by storm, much as he did at his election on April 19, 2005. His pontificate has not been nearly as long as that of Pope John Paul II, but it has been no less significant. History will remember Pope Benedict for, among many other things, the advancement of Christian unity, the restoration of the Traditional Latin Mass, and his tireless efforts—begun in the mid-1980's, during his service as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith—to rid the Catholic Church of the scourge of clerical sexual abuse. And, of course, it will remember his final act of humility, in resigning the papacy so that he could more fully dedicate himself to prayer on behalf of the Church that he has loved and served his entire life.

Please leave a message thanking Pope Benedict XVI for all that he has done, and tell us what prayers and other devotions you will offer for his years of service to the Church.

God Bless You Holy Father

May God's protection and peace be with you always.
—Guest debbie

All Our Support and Prayers

We pray for him every day to keep on going and never give up, regardless how difficult things might get. God bless him!

Much respect, as Jesus Commanded

No matter the challenges you face as the head of the Church on earth, you win my support individually. Knowledge of your existence gives me hope that God is still with us. As long as the Church remains on earth the papacy will remain. The Church must have a leader--anointed by Christ himself. Be strong, God is with you and the Church that He gave you to lead.
—Guest Fredrick

Guide Us In Battle

I pray for you Holy Father, in front of the blessed sacrament at least once a week. Your God given authority is evident in your teachings. We are with you to defend the church Jesus started 2000 years ago. May the almighty God bless you!
—Guest Joseph Jose

Pope Benedict

I support Pope Benedict XVI and will be saying all the prayers suggested and more!!!
—Guest Maryanne Clark

Pope Benedict

My prayers are with you every day. May our Blessed Mother watch over you every day and love you.
—Guest Mary Lou

To our Dear Holy Father

Pope Benedict XVI, may our dear Lord strengthen the faith of our Catholic people. Hail Mary be with us St Joseph protect us. Amen
—Guest isip.agnes@facebook


By being true to my Roman Catholic faith I support, uphold and affirm Pope Benedict in all that he does.
—Guest Jeri Potter

My Prayer for Pope Benedict XVI

I pray that our Holy Father, God will keep our holy father the Pope Benedict XVI in His protection and bless him to be a blessing all the days of his life and may his life be long.
—Guest Cora Jean Apollon

Love and Support

I love and support Pope Benedict XVI. I pray for him daily.
—Guest Bonnie Custer

Pray Always for the Pope

I love and admire our Pope. He has kept the faith, and refuses to waiver to those who really do not believe. I thank him for being there for each and every one of us.
—Guest vickie reinhardt

Pope Benedict

May God be with him and protect him until he finishes this job.
—Guest sunny

Support Pope Benedict XVI

I wish to express my support and prayers for the Holy Father. He continues to strive to improve our Church through a very trying time. Thank you Holy Father and know I will continue to pray for you.
—Guest Bill Wilson

Thank You Holy Father

Thank you Holy Father for not being afraid of the wolves. I pray for you every day as well as for all priests and bishops. I appreciate the changes to the Mass and the appointments of more orthodox bishops. May God bless you and Our Lady have her protective mantel over you.
—Guest Guest Teresa

The Church Finds Strength in the Truth

Forget the words and disbeliefs that want to undo what the real truths are. The Word of God deserves real leaders, adhering to the what is meant to continue the True teachings of the Catholic Church. Not seeking popular human translations and favor. Pope Benedict has a deep appreciation for the Truth. May his Spirit of Faith spread and root amongst all who believe.
—Guest Jerry Werdel

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