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Readers Respond: Thank Pope Benedict XVI for His Years of Service

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They Will Not Triumph

This is nothing more than the gates of hell! Jesus said they will not triumph! We will keep praying for the Holy Father.
—Guest Neo Paul

I Support the Holy Father

Holy Father, praying God's gentle hand guides you in this trying time for all Catholics.
—Guest Phyllis Dever

Full Support

Dear Holy Father Benedict. Our family stands fully behind you at this time of attack. We are thankful for your pontificate and the good you are accomplishing for the Kingdom of God. We pray for you daily. Patrick
—Guest Patrick

I Support the Holy Father

The Church shall not be judged by the world's standards as only God is on the judgment seat. I keep you in my prayers.
—Guest Muthoni

You are Peter the Rock of Christ!

Your Holiness, we are with you in and through the Way of the Cross! Know that we are in solidarity with you and have never ceased praying for you as the Rock of Jesus Christ!

With the Holy Father in prayer

Yes, the truth will make one free, so the criticism faced today will be rewarded as glorification in its own time.
—Guest Nigil Bhavan jmj

I Support the Pope

Remember the words of Jesus telling those who accused Him that it is them saying it, not Him, so it is them saying. Stand firm in faith and by your words and work for the Lord. we are your flocks behind you. We are praying for you.
—Guest Grace omondi

I Support the Holy Father

My dear Holy Father, you are always in my family's prayers. Satan is at it again, but as is always the case, it will never succeed. You are the successor of St. Peter, therefore, "the gates of the underworld can never overpower you." Amen! We love you, Father.
—Guest Emmanuel Ologu-Ogbangwo

Holy Spirit, Guide our Holy Pope

HOLY POPE, I pray for you, and the entire Catholic Church at this trying moment.
—Guest josephine nakijoba

The Blessing of the Holy Spirit be Yours

During these challenging times, continue doing what you do so well. Present the issues and solutions. Keep going forward with your wisdom.
—Guest Deacon John H. MacKenzie

Support the Pope

As this is the Year of the Priest I encourage Pope Benedict XVI to see it as a time of cleansing. The Pope has stated that there is filth in Holy Mother Church and it must be eliminated. I shall pray for this to happen so that the Roman Catholic Church will become the beacon of Faith, Hope and Love for the world.
—Guest Michael Hanzuk

All Things Work Together for Good

Dear Holy Father, I pray for you every day. May you draw strength and comfort from our Lord, the angels, and all the people of God.
—Guest Susan

In Jesus' Name

Dear Holy Father Pope Benedict, "Be still and know that I am God, Supreme among the nations, Supreme on the earth." Psalm 46:11. I am with you always. I offer prayers each day for your intentions and prayers to defeat the works of Satan. In JESUS' most powerful Name. The enemy won't prevail!
—Guest Hazel Amor

I Support Pope Benedict XVI

The risen Lord Jesus and the Catholic community is always with you. We pray that the wicked ones will be brought to light and realize the wonders that God has done for them. Amen.
—Guest Victor Gnana

Papal Support

I absolutely support His Holines and I pray every day that the Lord will strengthen him and continously bless him and in return will bless all of us that believe.
—Guest Marge

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