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Readers Respond: Thank Pope Benedict XVI for His Years of Service

Responses: 949



Holy Father, you have been a breath of fresh air. You have brought clarity and beauty to our Church.....I love you and I will miss you very very much! I will be praying for you and your new role in the Church! Love and Peace
—Guest Joseph A. Giangrossso II

Praying for You Pope Benedict

Well done good and faithful servant. God bless and wish you health and happiness in your retirement.
—Guest Mgt Coughlan

You are the Symbol of True Christianity

Dear Pope Benedict, your action has resonated all over the world, everyone is in Awe of your humility. You have shown by your actions the teachings of our Lord. I pray for health at this time when we need your prayers most that the one that will step into your shoes will uphold the traditional belief and teachings of the Catholic Church. May God sanctify all His disciples here on earth in Jesus Name, amen. God bless you Pope Benedict and may your successor have the courage to rid the church of all evil elements, amen.
—Guest Oluwagbemisola Akioyamen

May the Good Lord Grant You Good Health

Good bless you Pope Benedict XVI. May our good Lord grant you good health of mind and body. Thank you for the years you in the Lord's vineyard. You have made the right choice. God bless you. You will always be in my prayers.
—Guest Rosaline K

Thank You Holy Father!

Thank you Holy Father for leading us for the last 8 years. Your wisdom, knowledge, humility and un-shivering stance on the core traditional beliefs of our Church is highly admired. I will miss you and we will always pray for you. God bless you!
—Guest Xenia

Thank You Holy Father.

My dear "PAPA", thank you for being willing to be our leader because God wanted you to obey. Thank you for surrendering to His will in your resignation. Your writings have been an inspiration to many of us. Please pray for me and my loved ones.
—Guest elizabeth halloran

God Bless You and Protect You Always

Thank you Holy Father for all you have done for us and taught us. May the Holy Spirit continue guide you.
—Guest Robbie

Thank You!

Thank you for your dedication to God and to our Church, for your leadership and faithful teaching, and for showing us, through your example how to follow Christ. May God bless you as you continue to serve Him.
—Guest Cheryl Grandy

Faithful Servant

You have fought the good fight against evil and successfully completed the " race "; thank you for being " The vicar of Christ " .
—Guest Warren O'Leary

Young Catholics

Holy Father, we all love you and thank you for your efforts during your pontificate. You are an inspiration to all of us. We can only hope to emulate your humility, and be advocates of prayer and perseverance such as you have been and will continue to be. God Bless you!
—Guest Kyle

Thank You & God's Blessings

You have been a joy and inspiration to us all the years you have served The Church. What a beautiful life , you have been such a wonderful example of the love for God.

With Love and Prayers, Pope Benedict

We pray your health improves with prayer and rest. Please keep us in your many prayers as we promise to do for you. GOD BLESS YOU AND THANK YOU.
—Guest Ostrosky Family

Lamp On My Path

Thank you Holy Father for the great inspiration. Every letter or encyclical you made has been so meaningful and a lamp on my faith to know Jesus more...
—Guest Fr Rex Fedelicio, mhm

Prayer for Pope Benedict

You have my loving support and prayers as you begin the next phase of your life. May God continue to Bless you with wisdom and may your next phase of your life be filled with joy and spiritual grace..
—Guest Barbara

Grazie Santita

Thank you your Holiness for your life of service to the Roman Catholic Church. Please keep praying for us as we will continue to pray for you.
—Guest Meg Geffken

Thank You, Pope Benedict!

Thank Pope Benedict XVI for His Years of Service

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