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Readers Respond: Thank Pope Benedict XVI for His Years of Service

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God Almighty Will Be With Us All!

I pray for our Pope and all his followers. Lord God our Father and Jesus Christ our Saviour will be with us forever without end.
—Guest Charlotte

A Time of Purification

I pray for our Holy Father day and night. Our Church is in a time of purification, so we all must pray for the Holy Father during this time. God bless you and keep you in His loving care.
—Guest Angela Shepherd

Admiring His Humility

We pray for the Holy Father, especially as he celebrates his birthday and the upcoming anniversary of the start of his papacy. How humble he is, and how willing to bear the burden that has been imposed on him. May this Easter season bring him joy even in his afflictions.

The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail

The promise of God that the gates of hell shall not prevail against His Church will always come true no matter how seemingly hopeless the situation. Records show that the present Pope as a bishop and now Bishop of Rome did much to ensure a holy Catholic priesthood. The warfare our Lord Jesus Christ warned us about continues till the world comes to an end. Accordingly, our primary weapon is prayer and affirmative action where we can. The papacy is always a target even from history because that is the soul of Catholicism and the seat of the authentic teaching of Jesus Christ. We should therefore not be fainthearted with all these but see them as a call to intense prayer using all available methods taught us by the Church. The Church has prevailed in the past and will continue to prevail as long as God's children continue to pray. No matter our circumstance in life, we can take out time to offer one Pater Noster, Ave Maria, and Gloria for the Pope's intention and total well-being.
—Guest Venantius Nlebemuo

I Support the Holy Father

Pope Benedict is in my prayers and constant thoughts. There is an organized attack upon him, and I pray that Jesus gives him the strength to deal with this onslaught of hatred. I pray that we all get through this sad time, that we all emerge stronger in our faith and our love for our Mother the Catholic Church.
—Guest christine

God Bless You

I support the Holy Father. God bless you and Happy Birthday.
—Guest Mary B. Samuels

What Else Do I Do for Our Holy Father?

What else do I do for our dear Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, than to pray for him? My family will continue to pray our rosary, every day, for him and for the Holy Roman Catholic Church! These are trying times, no doubt, but he'll surely come out of it victorious. Those calling for his resignation are anti-Catholic and, therefore, anti-Christ. They are exhibiting their stark ignorance of the history and foundation of the Holy Roman Catholic Church! Their sinister motives will always fail—in Jesus' Mighty Name! Amen! God bless the Pope; God bless the Church!
—Guest Emmanuel Ologu-Ogbangwo

Happy Birthday, Pope Benedict XVI

May the Holy Spirit continue to guide and help you as you shepherd your people. God bless.
—Guest Victoria Orlowski

Happy Birthday

God bless the Pope today on his birthday and through the trials that are ahead.
—Guest linda

Blessed Birthday

Almighty God, defend Pope Benedict XVI from all evil attacks. And that he may have more blessed birthdays to come, with the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary may the Holy Spirit shower him with spirited decisions. I ask this in the name of our Lord and redeemer Jesus Christ. Amen
—Guest Lilibeth

Ad Multos Annos, Holy Father!

May God grant you many more years, Holy Father, as you strive to reinvigorate the authentic tradition of the Church with your teaching, the beautiful liturgies you celebrate, and your own example as the Successor of Peter.
—Guest Janice Kraus

God Bless the Pope !!!

Our Holy Father is endowed with the words that our Lord Jesus Christ spoke to Peter—"Thou art rock and upon this rock I shall build my Church, that even the gates of Hell shall not destroy it." The Church will survive as it has for 2,000 years, and last to see 2,000 more. A few "monsters" who have abused their clerical positions will be subject to God and man's law; the Holy Church, however, will survive. God bless our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI !!!
—Guest Gargoyle

May Almighty God Give You Strength

Holy Father, do not despair as we your flock pray for you daily.
—Guest francis

May the Holy Spirit Strengthen You

Holy Father, I pray that the Holy Spirit continue to console and strengthen you during this time of false accusations. You are in my daily prayers as you lead us, your faithful flock, in Christ's love. May you be covered with the Lord's love, patience, and wisdom in dealing with this trying situation. God bless you, Holy Father, always.
—Guest Emy

My Love and Prayers Are With the Pope

I will never turn my back on my Church or the Pope. I hate what people are doing to him. He cannot be held accountable for the actions of others. People in this world have lost the art of forgiveness and want to place blame. We as Catholics need to stand together for all that we are, for the Pope and the Church.
—Guest vickie reinhardt

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