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Readers Respond: Thank Pope Benedict XVI for His Years of Service

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Holy Father

Your books will be part of church history many thanks for your prayers and may God give you peace.
—Guest Brother Timothy Dillon

God Bless You Our Dear Pope Benedect!

We praise and thank the Lord for leading the Catholic Church thru Pope Benedict XVI. Thank you Pope Benedict for your guidance, courage, and humility.
—Guest Nestor Sagayadan

Thanks Pope Benedict

Thanks your Holiness for all you have done these past few years but particularly for renewing the Latin Mass and referring to the Holy Spirit as the Holy Ghost again.
—Guest pmfox7811

Your Holiness

Thank you for all of your accomplishments and please allow the hand of God to keep guiding you to continue helping all our souls that we may someday meet in Heaven.
—Guest Rita Taylor

Blessings Always

Dear Pope Benedict XVI, We wish you much blessings as you live many more years. I was so hopeful to have my Catholic conversion complete under your Papacy, but God did not wish it so. My Grandmother came over from Bari, Italy, alone as a very young woman to Ellis Island, then NJ. She became a seamstress, married a painter and had 10 children. She lost her husband whenshe was expecting my mother Graciela. She told me many stories of Italy and thePope. I was able to see the Vatican as a little girl. Someday I will return to Italy, but not until I am a true Catholic. I embrace all the teachings heartily except I truly feel Priests and Nuns should be able to marry. God did not want us to be alone. Father, if I may call you that, please accept my congratulations and warm wishes that you have accomplished so much so far. Peace be with you. God bless you always.
—Guest fran, sons 7 cat PT

Thank you

God Bless you dear Pope Benedict for leading us for as long as you could. Thank you for your years of loving service and wisdom.
—Guest Cathy Crouch

Thank You

Thank you my dear Pope Benedict for all that you have done. You have been and will always be in my prayers. You did so much for our Church. Thank you once again.
—Guest Donna Instrall

Pope Benedict

Thank you for your tireless service. You will be missed. God Bless You.
—Guest bob122

Pope Benedict

Thank you Holy Father for all your wonderful help and all you did in your time with us. God bless you.
—Guest Christine Clarke

Thank You Indeed

I would like to thank the Holy Father for his time in serving our people and his time praying for all of us.
—Guest Kennedy Jon


Thank you Pope Benedict for what you have done for the church!
—Guest Julie

Pope Benedict

Thank you Holy Father for all you have offered to the Church, we wish you good health and rest in your retirement. Take care and God bless.
—Guest Nai Bula Family

Thank You For Leadership

Your leadership brought me closer to the Church and the Body of Christ.
—Guest K Echternacht

Pope Benedict

You will be sorely missed by all the Faithful. You are in our prayers.
—Guest Dee Ewing

Thank You

I pray for your peace and health. Thank you for all you have done for the Church.
—Guest Suzanne May

Thank You, Pope Benedict!

Thank Pope Benedict XVI for His Years of Service

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