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Readers Respond: Thank Pope Benedict XVI for His Years of Service

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Thank You

Thank you for your visit to Scotland. You are always in my prayers.
—Guest Normanmcdonald

Viva il Papa

My family & I pray for the Holy Father. May his holiness be the guiding faith for all Catholics including all Christians & non-Christians. We love you. God be always with us

Support from the Knights of Columbus

I personally and unequivocally support the Holy Father and his efforts to form the Church into a sacrament of peace, love, and unity for the world. He is unfortunately burdened by the scandals in the Church but I am confident in God's Divine Will that these problems will be resolved and our Church will be spiritually stronger than ever. The following is a novena prayer distributed by the Knights of Columbus that I have been observing for about 3 months: http://catholicism.about.com/od/prayers/qt/For_Pope_Benedict_XVI.htm Please join us in this Novena! Thank you, Brother Mike Harrison, Colfax, CA.
—Guest Mike Harrison

Catholic Servant

May the Almighty Lord who chose our Papa guide him & protect Him from the wolves who want to tear apart the one Church. Pope we love you.
—Guest Gwamukama Paul

confiance totale

Je suis sur que l'anti-Christ essaie d'attaquer notre Pape qui est extremement solide dans sa mission de papaute specialement apres sa direction de doctrine et de foi.J'en suis certain que notre Seigneur Jesus-Christ sera son meilleur soutien et sauvegarde. Que le Bon Dieu nous le protege.
—Guest Attorney Joseph T.Issa

I Support You Our Beloved Papa in Christ

May the Holy Spirit strengthen and fortify you in the work of evangelisation and may our Mother always intercede for you in Jesus' Name. Long live my beloved Daddy in Christ.
—Guest Chizzy

Support for Benedict XVI

I fear for our Pope and ask Mary to protect him from all harm. I am confident that Our Blessed Mother and Her Divine Son will shield him from all physical danger. There will be an abundance of spiritual danger all about that we all must be aware of and pray fervently to God for strength. This will be the real danger Satan will put before us, doubting our Holy Father and our Mother Church (in doubt Satan can enter our heart and create disbelief). Mary pray for us.
—Guest dorothy lanza

God Is For Us

Let the wolves go round, but the ones who hear the shepherd's message (voice) shall never be lost. May God give His servant the pope strength to fight for the lambs.
—Guest omamo lawrence

Continue Papa!

Continue to pray for us as we pray for you, Papa.
—Guest Sheila


My prayers are with you, Papa! Your strength is in Jesus. God bless you!

I Support Our Pope!

I have an absolutely undiluted support for the Pope and I pray that in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, the gates of hell (i.e., The New York Times, etc., etc.) will NEVER prevail against him. Amen. Long Live The Pope! Long Live The Holy Roman Catholic Church!!
—Guest Emmanuel Ologu-Ogbangwo

To the Holy Father

All the attacks against the Holy Father will make him strong in faith. If Christ was, why not the Holy Father? Amen. Satan is working day and night but our Lord will disgrace and put him to shame. I am positive that the days will come when all those who write or speak evil against the Holy Father will dance in a different direction in their agony. But we will all forgive them for Christ's sake.
—Guest evarestus

Holy Father

May God continue to strenghten him and give him wisdom.
—Guest Eurodah anyanwu

My Support

I believe in the Holy Catholic Church and stand with Pope Benedict XVI.

In Support of the Holy Father

I love you and I pray for you. Long live Papa. I commend you to the intercession of the Blessed Virgin and all the saints.
—Guest Francis

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