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Readers Respond: What Are You Giving Up for Lent 2013?

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Lent should be a period of spiritual growth, and one of the ways in which we grow spiritually is to remove our excessive attachments to the things of this world. That's why Catholics traditionally give up something for Lent, in addition to increasing their prayer and almsgiving.

Submission are now closed. You can browse the list to get ideas for your own Lenten sacrifices, or you can share your Lenten sacrifices in What Are You Giving Up for Lent 2014?


For the past few years I decided that I would sacrifice Facebook. This gave me more time on hand to read more of the "word" & draw closer to the Almighty (God). Thank God I was able to sustain.
—Guest Cee EleganteGoddess

No Shopping!!

As a shopaholic I will give up buying anything like shoes or jewelry online for Lent and use the time for prayer or reading psalms instead.
—Guest Mrsvalkyrie

What I Gave Up For Lent

I am giving up Wii and XBox for Lent because I play too many video games, but I mostly play Wii and XBox. this is why i am giving up XBox and Wii for Lent.
—Guest bambat

Less Music, More Praying

I gave up all of my One Direction CD's since listening to their music was getting away from what I should really be focusing on. For example, I didn't spend time praying since I was listening to One Direction. It was also getting in the way of me doing my homework and my grades suffered as a result. Giving up all of the CD's has tremendously improved my grades and helped me focus on praying more. It wasn't easy at first, but with each week it became easier to not listen to their music. Now, all I have to do finish out these last few days on a good note!
—Guest Anna

Eating Out

I sacrificed eating out for Lent. It has actually been a very good experience. But as you know, temptation looms everywhere.
—Guest Pax913


Fasting until noon and praying for full recovery of my son from effects of war related PTSD and substance addiction. Praying for my recovery from the effects of his addiction to understand and help him in ways that are healthy. Also praying for my six siblings and their generations of children, as well as my own. Praying for our nation, USA, and leaders.
—Guest Brenda


On Good Friday I will sacrifice listening to music, using my phone unless it's an emergency, and watching TV unless it's about Jesus Christ my savior!
—Guest Daisy May

Goodbye Facebook

God told me to sacrifice my addiction with Facebook this lent season and I obeyed! This is not an easy thing for me, but so far so good.
—Guest Josh


I am an atheist but hope and pray that I'm wrong and that like St. Thomas my doubts can be overcome, and so as part of this I pray the rosary and gave up alcohol for Lent. My thanks to T, a good Catholic friend who prays to Mary for me daily.
—Guest Peter Darnell

To Truly Believe

I have given up on chicken and meat. And dedicated more time to prayer and loving people and toning down on my anger and terrible temperament. With the anger, I'm not doing too well, the harder I try the more mistakes I've made during these last few weeks of Lent. But I keep on praying that the good Lord Jesus helps me through this.
—Guest Faith K

Sugar, Caffeine, Alcohol

I'm giving up alcohol, all coffee and tea (even decaf), and things heavily sweetened (anything with sugar or sweetener in the first 3 ingredients) like: soda, candy, chocolate, cakes, etc. With 2 weeks to go I've lost 7 lbs and feel better than I have in a long time.
—Guest robert


I have given up alcohol for Lent and am drinking water instead.
—Guest John

What I've Given Up for Lent

This year I gave up meat, sweets, and alcohol. I am more indebted to all the scriptures that have been assigned to the weeks following Easter. Thus far I have been very good but lacked a bit for some of the readings. Being the fourth week of Lent I am back in my readings and make it my firm commitment to finish to the end. Thank you Lord for your blessings!
—Guest Karen

Lukewarm Spirit and Unforgiven Spirit

Lukewarmness is cancerous in the life of a believer as unforgiven is worse than witchcraft.
—Guest chioma

Cant Take It

I'm fasting for lent and trying my best not to get angry with anybody. A lady from my office trying her best to kick me from my work false complaing on me. I'm broken heart n i need to support 2 persons. Her name is Daisy
—Guest lily josephine
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