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Readers Respond: What Are You Giving Up for Lent 2012?

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Lent should be a period of spiritual growth, and one of the ways in which we grow spiritually is to remove our excessive attachments to the things of this world. That's why Catholics traditionally give up something for Lent, in addition to increasing their prayer and almsgiving.

Submission are now closed. You can browse the list to get ideas for your own Lenten sacrifices, or you can share your Lenten sacrifices in What Are You Giving Up for Lent 2014?

Gave Up for Lent

I gave up beer with two exceptions, St. Patty's Day and my birthday. First time I went that long without beer in 34 years (Navy boot camp).
—Guest Michael J

Bad Words and Negative People

I am not Catholic. I am Baptist by birth. I want to be Catholic but don't know how or where to go. All I know is I love the way Catholics practice and are disciplined for God. I grew up "out of order." I love God and Catholicism. Thanks for inspiring me.
—Guest Delilah D


This lent, I am giving up going on my Facebook account.
—Guest Tanya

YouTube and Pants

I'm going to give up YouTube for lent, and iron my pants to go to church.
—Guest Pat G

Malicious Talk

I am giving up talking about others in a gossiping way.
—Guest Kathy

Lent Sacrifices

Alcohol and sex—either be it a movie that has sex scenes, engaging in sex, thinking about it in a sense of being turned on. And shaving my body hair.
—Guest Rose


I have given up alcohol for Lent. At first it was hard, but now I don't care for it. There has been so many who try to tempt me, but I turn away and say no. While on Lent my mind is seeing so much clearer; I really don't care for alcohol. It was hard, but I made it.
—Guest tashina

Give It Up for Lent?

This is what God wants us to do, give up sugar, etc. How about doing something that means something! Give up being mean to your neighbor. It's about making your life better, closer to God. We don't have to sacrifice these meaningless things. God sacrificed his Son for us so we don't have to!
—Guest Chris

Sacrifice That I Pray Will Be Permanent

Giving up video games and one other item that God knows.
—Guest m

Forty Days Meat Free

Lent makes me happy because I see well-seasoned chicken, beef, and all meaty dishes. I give all up to feel the way the poor who cannot afford meat feel and offer it to God. I thank God for this grace.
—Guest evelyn

Facebook and Twitter

I am fond of Facebook and Twitter. I tweet a lot; I chat a lot. My Lent sacrifice would be ditching to focus on grades first!
—Guest Yahoooo

Jesus Centered

I will give up sweets. I will also start to think about how Jesus felt about Himself. He was human but sinless so He had the perfect self-image. I will think about how He felt about Himself as He talked to others. He loved being human, He was glad to be alive as a human. That makes me think about how I should love myself as He loved Himself.
—Guest Chris

Lent 2012

Caring for a family member's baby with joy and humility.
—Guest aing

Lent Sacrifice

Given up wine and meat throughout the Lent period and surely this is the second week and it is a struggle, but I believe the almighty God will see me through. Glory to Jesus.
—Guest Edith

Accepted More Than Giving Up

I have severe complex severe apnea and insomnia which causes me to lose two or three nights of sleep a week in spite of using the BiPachine, at this time. So I am making the effort not to complain to the Lord about it because all things come from or through Him, therefore I should not complain. It is the thorn He has asked me to bear. That is my Lenten Offering to Him.
—Guest charles vaughn

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