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Readers Respond: What Are You Giving Up for Lent 2011?

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Lent should be a period of spiritual growth, and one of the ways in which we grow spiritually is to remove our excessive attachments to the things of this world. That's why Catholics traditionally give up something for Lent, in addition to increasing their prayer and almsgiving.

Submission are now closed. You can browse the list to get ideas for your own Lenten sacrifices, or you can share your Lenten sacrifices in What Are You Giving Up for Lent 2014?

Games and Skating

I'm giving up skateboarding and video games, at first I thought it was for just a week so I thought, "No big Deal" but then I learned it was 40 days, but I'm still going through with it, something I thought I could never do.
—Guest RAS

Lent Sacrifice

I gave up all meat. Next year I plan to give it up again and add something else I love.
—Guest D


I know Lent is almost over, but I came across this website and it's good to know I am not alone. I also gave up Facebook!!! I gave up sodas and all sweets (candy, cakes, pies...etc). I thank the Lord for keeping me strong thru this Lent season……Stay strong everyone and have a great Easter!!!
—Guest BELMA

All Meat and By-Products

As usual this year I gave up all meat and its by-products (e.g., milk, eggs, ice cream etc). Fish only for me. In addition I also gave up soda, sugar, chocolate and other treats (which usually contain milk anyway). Fortunately I do not drink or smoke so they are a given. My friends wonder how I do it every year, but it comes easy as my sacrifice is nothing compared to what my Jesus did for us all. This year was particularly hard as I seek to cut out something new every year but rice milk and fruit are great substitutes and are healthy to boot. Once you start a good habit it is easy to continue (until you are tempted) so I hang in there and feel a great sense of accomplishment for doing so. The hardest thing is to start, but once you have it is easy to continue and add on. Be strong and committed as He was. A Happy and Blessed Easter everyone!
—Guest DonnaG


Fasting and praying in this LENT season for our Christ.
—Guest SJ


My friends & I gave up alcohol, and we're still going strong...we have conflict when lent ends. Is it Fri. after 3pm (Jesus death) or Sat. pm, or Easter Sunday (When Jesus rose from the dead?). My friends say they can start drinkin again on Fri. after 3...which is it? (NOTE FROM THE CATHOLICISM GUIDE: The answer can be found here: http://catholicism.about.com/od/lent/f/When-Does-Lent-End.htm)

What I Tried to Give Up for Lent

On Ash Wednesday I chose to give up sweets and swearing. My flesh is weak and my spirit was not strong enough. I failed swearing the same day (terrible habit) and had cheesecake 2 weeks ago. I am rededicating my sacrifice this Holy Week by abstaining from sweets and swearing and after reading the "less and more" link (thank you for posting that) will add 15 minutes per day for prayer and reflection.
—Guest SW-MA

Social Networks - Facebook Twitter

I decided to give up the two just to show that I am still above them. It hasn't been the easiest of things but here I am. It was especially hard when I had to work in a remote area for two weeks.
—Guest mdue

I Gave Up Chocolate and Meat

I have been successful in giving up chocolate and meat so far. One more week to go and I feel really good about meeting my sacrifice for God.
—Guest Tia


I gave up all games I play online. I seemed to be wasting so much time playing the games. I believe it is an addiction.
—Guest Rede

Unhealthy Food

I gave up food I commonly eat that is unhealthy. Anything deep fried, any dessert (sweets, cakes, candy etc), soda, and pizza. It was tough at first and it's tough at times, but I feel really good without all those harmful calories. I think I have learned to moderate myself :)
—Guest Yueh

The Final Stretch

It's the final stretch of the lenten season, hang in there everybody!! This year I gave up Facebook along with red meat, all sodas & teas, and spicy foods. It has been a really tough lent season this year and giving up facebook has really brought me closer to family and friends. I'll never take for granted checking up on long distant family and friends! Lol can't wait to get back on FB though, just to let everyone know I'm still alive and well haha :-) bless everyone
—Guest Shane from Guam

Make-up and soda

I have given up make-up and all soda for lent. The make-up part has been pretty hard for me, I'm the kind of girl who loves just dressing up on occasion. Especially right now, because I have a major sunburn and I can't wear concealor or foundation. The soda part hasn't been too bad but it will be because I'm going to Disneyland and Diet Coke has always been the main staple of my drinks in Disneyland. Oh well, it's for the better. I think letting go of make-up is a good thing because it shows just how God made my face, and soda is just a guilty pleasure.
—Guest C


This lent I gave up a few things but have only been able to stick with one all the way so far. This would be facebook, and I gotta say a little less time on the computer has actually done me some good.
—Guest Dave

Water Girl drinks not

Well I gave up all liquids except plain water. No lemon in water either, sodas, tea, milk, juice, kool ade, shakes, nothing but water. Now water is starting to taste good. I gave up bread, and half way through, I gave up all sweets, not even peppermint or tic tacos for dry mouth. I'm asking God to work in my life. So trying to prove I can do all things through Christ that strengthen me.
—Guest S.A.

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