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Readers Respond: What Are You Giving Up for Lent 2011?

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Taking on Something Instead

I had a lot of trouble deciding what to give up this year. Instead, I decided to add something - I will do something nice for someone every day during lent. I did this one year and it worked really well. I just made sure to go out of my way to do something nice for someone (doing something nice that is part of my job or convenient in some way doesn't count); if at the end of the day, I realized I didn't fulfill this obligation, I would make a small donation to a charity.
—Guest Sara L

Lenten Sacrifice

This year I am giving up soft drinks, which means I can only drink water, tea and juices. No cokes with my Friday cheese pizza!


I'm a non-denominational Christian, so I'm not used to actively celebrating holidays like this, but this week, as the subject has been brought up multiple times around me, I've felt an urging to participate. I wasn't really sure what to give up, because I'd recently given up all my vices, in order to have a closer, more intimate relationship with God. So I got down on my knees last night and prayed, and asked God what He would like for me to give up for 40 days. I asked about a few possible things, like caffeine, meat, television, etc., but they all seemed so easy, not really a sacrifice for me, considering I've recently given up alcohol, marijuana, sex, unforgiveness, swearing... These other things seemed so simple... I wanted to do something special for him. As I was quirky praying, a still small voice said to me, "makeup". Woah! That sure wasn't MY idea, I've worn makeup every day since I was 16! So I said "Okay God, I'll do it for you" and here I am, I'm fasting makeup for 40 days.
—Guest AlaskaJenn

What I Am Giving Up For Lent

I am giving up eating meat, I am going to pray everyday with my rosery!! I am giving up bad habits for my health such as smoking cigarettes. I am praying for a new beginning to leave the past behind me, and continue my spiritual journey!
—Guest Kristen

Bread and Beer

As this is the first time I choose to observe lent I will go easy on myself. For the during of lent I will give up eating bread and drinking beer. And of course, I WILL pray everyday!
—Guest Baggie

Giving Up the False Self

I will attempt to give up patterns of personality that hinder my growth in the Lord. So much from the past still hinders me, and so I rationalize staying wounded, not growing as the saint I ought to be. Giving up more negativity. Giving up the game of waiting for others to say Hi to me first, and just give Jesus in me right away.


I am giving up cursing. It is not as if I curse every day, as I have kids and cannot curse most of the time. It is hard to do in a work environment but somehow I will make it work.
—Guest Rich

Lent 2011

I usually give up something like food, drinks, etc. But this time I'm going to give up something internally that I think should benefit myself mentally. It would be to stop "worrying" and instead, pray about everything. This is a challenge for most people because the human body is weak. I know the bible tells us to not worry and to TRUST in God. So doing this allows me to have faith and to keep believing that God will work His ways for me.
—Guest Nice

Lenten Devotions

No dessert, fast for a few days, church everyday I'm not working, stand in front of the abortion clinic when available (at least 2x a week) pray more often. Peace.
—Guest taper

No More TV

I had a hard time deciding this year but after some reflection, I will be giving up watching tv. I haven't been able to find a job and so I've started a bad habit of watching tv all day. I hope this will open my eyes and heart better to see Gods' will. I'm probably gonna be extremely bored at first but I know this is what I need to do. Prayers sent to everyone that they achieve their goals during Lent this year!
—Guest Jennifer

For lent 2011

I'm giving up drinks other than water, facebook, sleepins, cursing & being messy.
—Guest Nm

Meat, Cigar

I will give up meat for the lent, cigar smoke on Friday this will be very hard for me but with the help of God I will prevail.
—Guest Robin


For all that He has done for me I will be fasting each and every Friday of lent and also take few minutes to pray during lunch hour.
—Guest Kabo Ng'ombe

Giving Up for Lent

I am going through RCIA so this is my first year of Lent. I promise to say the Rosary every day through Lent.
—Guest Barb S.


I will be giving up bread, all types of bread, I think it's a staple in every household around the world and is the easiest to turn to when you are hungry or need a quick snack. So I would like to challenge myself, see how strong my will power is. As God sacrificed His Son for us, bread is nothing compared to that.
—Guest Kaytlin

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