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Readers Respond: Enroll Your Departed Loved Ones in the About.com Catholicism Purgatorial Society

Responses: 195


From the article: Prayers for November

The names listed below have been enrolled in the About.com Catholicism Purgatorial Society. When you attend Mass or pray for the dead, please remember these faithful departed. (Simply offer the prayers or Mass "for those enrolled in the About.com Catholicism Purgatorial Society.") Please also consider having your parish priest offer Masses for the Society. And if you are a priest who is willing to offer Masses for those enrolled in the About.com Purgatorial Society, please e-mail me your name and your parish affiliation, and I will list you on this page.

To enroll your own departed friends and family, use the form at the bottom of this page. For "Response Title," enter "Friends and Family of [Your Name]." In "Response," enter each name, separated by a semicolon and a space (i.e., John Smith; Kate Smith).


Please pray for the souls of my parents, Alexander & Susamma, and my in-laws, Mathew & Maria.
—Guest Mrs Justine

Rest in Peace

Please enroll my dear friend Rev. Fr. Adeojo and my brother Paul Ojeih.
—Guest evelyn

Please Offer Masses for the Following

May they all rest in eternal peace: Manuel Gonsalves; Santan Gonsalves; Maryan Gonsalves; Domnic Gonsalves; Francis Gonsalves; Gilbert Gonsalves; and all deceased members of Gonsalves family. John Butelho; Nathalia Butelho; Manuel Butelho; and all deceased members of Butelho family. Thank you.
—Guest JOHN

Family and Friends of Sandy

Please pray for my parents, Avis and Virgil Terry, for all of my family, and for my friends Ronnie, Derek, John, and Gene.

From Your Family

Please pray for the eternal repose of Lisette Del Valle who returned home to be with our heavenly Father on 7/30/2011. Lisette, we love you so much and miss you so very much.
—Guest Mabell Astacio

Pray Mum, Dad, and all Kindred

Pray for all the faithful who been callED to eternal rest in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ.
—Guest p.raj narayana rao

Family and Friends of Sandy

Please pray for my parents Avis and Virgil Terry, for all my family, and for my friends Ronnie, Derek, John Gene

Beloved Mother Lisa Hurley

Beloved mother to Shanna and Donnie. May she be in the presence of the fullness of the Lord's love.

My Father Harry Fredrick Gill

Lord help my father to receive the fullness of Your love and forgive his sins.

Walter Jordan and Kathleen Sulkes (Woo)

Walter S. Jordan and Kathleen Sulkes (Woo). Lord, these suffering souls on earth need your love. May they rest in peace and have the fullness of your love.

Loving Mother Henrietta McDevitt Brennan

Loving mother and grandmother Henrietta McDevitt Brennan.

Family and Friends of Sandy

Please pray for my mother, my father, the rest of my family, and for Ronnie and Derek.

Prayers for the Holy Souls

I would like your association to pray for all the Holy Souls, especially my ancestors, relatives, friends, enemies, acquaintances, and parents, and those of my wife also.
—Guest owen gallagher and family

Enrolling My Friends and Relatives

Please, God, release these souls: Fr. J. Burk; Fr. D.J. Slattery; Rev. Sis Diamond; Rev. Fr. Adegbite; Fr J. Shabba; Dennis Omoaghe; Ben Okwudiafor; Florence Achong; Florence Mendie; and all my grandparents. Thank you, Father.
—Guest evelyn

Friends and Family of Tita Med

Antonio, Leticia, Leticia Araceli, Cirilo, Consolacion, Daniel, Luisa, Manuel, Ramon, Josefina, Virginia, Gloria, Jesus, Jesusa, Ricardo, Caridad, Benjamin, Antolin, Felicito, Angustia, Bienvenido, Dominador, Bob, Leonor, Estelita, Adela, Ambrosio, Ador, Ray, Josefa, Francisco, Carmen, Eduardo, Charito, Mary, Jose, Rafael, Caridad, Agustin, Linda
—Guest med v.

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