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Readers Respond: Enroll Your Departed Loved Ones in the About.com Catholicism Purgatorial Society

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From the article: Prayers for November

The names listed below have been enrolled in the About.com Catholicism Purgatorial Society. When you attend Mass or pray for the dead, please remember these faithful departed. (Simply offer the prayers or Mass "for those enrolled in the About.com Catholicism Purgatorial Society.") Please also consider having your parish priest offer Masses for the Society. And if you are a priest who is willing to offer Masses for those enrolled in the About.com Purgatorial Society, please e-mail me your name and your parish affiliation, and I will list you on this page.

To enroll your own departed friends and family, use the form at the bottom of this page. For "Response Title," enter "Friends and Family of [Your Name]." In "Response," enter each name, separated by a semicolon and a space (i.e., John Smith; Kate Smith).

Enroll Your Dear Departed

Friends and Family of Chris Eglinton

May my dear friends be resting in the beloved arms of Jesus.
—Guest Mark

Friends and Family

Stephen Onyango, Teresa Nabwire, Susan Mesa, Marciana Makokha, Benson Nakhumwa, Bendict Ongaria = RIP
—Guest Kanute

Pauline Joseph Anne Sutter

Prayers go out for the soul of my dear friend Pauline and also all the souls in purgatory. Vaya con Dios!
—Guest Tim

Family and Friends of James Rewolinski

Raymond Rewolinski; Agropine Rewolinski; Norbert Zella; Peter Zella; Kathrine Zella; Martin Lang; Eunice Lang.
—Guest James Rewolinski

Parents, Grandmother, Sister, Friends

Antoinette Wiley, Robert Wiley, Gary Ernst, Anna Sarniak, Grace Wiley, Marlene Kimbrough, Mrs. Eggleston

Family of Gloria Lawrence

Please remember my parents Hezekiah Fraser; Pearl Fraser; my sister-in-law Elaine Craig; nephew Paul; Clement; Stenneth; Kathleen; Eldred McKnight; and for the souls who are not remembered.


In honor of our Dearly Departed, we ask that they rest in God's Peace. All souls in purgatory may be released. Eternal Rest. ORACION A LA DIVINA PROVIDENCIA Por las almas del purgatorio: ¡Oh divina Providencia! ¡Concédeme tu clemencia y tu infinita bondad! Arrodillada a tus plantas a ti caridad portento. Te pido para los míos casa, vestido y sustento. Concédeles la salud, llévalos por buen camino. Que sea siempre la virtud la que los guíe en su destino. Tú eres toda mi esperanza. Tú eres el consuelo mío. En la que mi mente alcanza, en ti creo, en ti espero, y en ti confío. Tu divina Providencia se extiende a cada momento. Para que nunca nos falte: casa, vestido y susten
—Guest cortes-morales dearly departed

Mary Lou

Please remember George, Pat, my infant siblings, Ed, Ebby, Bob, Richie, Ann, Gail, my lost child, Sarah, Anne, Sidney.
—Guest Mary Lou Shookhoff

Janet Christian

Please pray for the soul of my twin sister, Janet; and the souls in purgatory who have no one to pray for them.
—Guest Janice Cristian

My Dearly Beloved Husband

Robert M. Saal and all deceased family members, friends, and those souls who have no one to pray for them and are forgotten. May their souls rest in eternal peace. Amen
—Guest Linda Saal

Please Pray for Departed Family

John E. Thornton; Wanda L. Thornton; John M. Thornton; Theodotta Cresse; Janet Croisant; Margaret Maskill; Gene Maskill
—Guest marymaskill


James Vanasse; Cecile Turner; George Langlois; Hope Dauphinais; Albert Vanasse; Wilfrid Dauphinais; Cecile Dauphinais
—Guest Rosalie Vanasse

Family Remembrance Wall

Please pray for Barbara, Rachel, and all others on our family remembrance wall.
—Guest Maura Marcotte

Family Friends

McDougal family; Marek family; Katie; Eddie; Ed; Claire; all who have no one else to pray for them.
—Guest Kathy Mac

Family and Friends of Evelyn Abenojar

Felicidad Abenojar; Jonathan/Veronica Filart;Diego Filart; Eustaqiuo Martinez; Emiliana Martinez; Placido Martinez; Braulio Abenojar; JulianalAbenojar; Delfin Abenojar; Anastacia Abenojar;Agustin Abenojar; Constantino Abenojar;Nicolasa Perez; Higina Perez; Justina Perez; Sabel Aberin; Pedro Aberin; those who died at the New Bilibid Prisons Hospital (Philippines); Juan Filart; Samuel Avila; Florentina Lomboy; Alex Lomboy; Amelia Martinez; George Martinez; Faustina Pulmano; Florita Samaniego; Magdalena Alcantara; Mauro Alcantara; Rudy Alcantar; Antonio Alcantara; Albert Lomboy; Zenaida Lomboy; Jose Singson; Victoria Singson; Trinidad Pichay; Jose Pichay; Lourdes Guzman; Anacleto Filart; Felicisimo Guzman; Webster Casino; Alphonso Serrano; Elena Chichoco
—Guest Evelyn Carmen Abenojar

Enroll Your Dear Departed

Enroll Your Departed Loved Ones in the About.com Catholicism Purgatorial Society

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