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Readers Respond: Enroll Your Departed Loved Ones in the About.com Catholicism Purgatorial Society

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Parents and Family

Please pray for my parents, Wayne and Geraldine Shenkle. They adopted me as an infant and brought me up in a loving, caring family. I wouldn't be what I am without them. Also for my aunts, uncles, and cousins, both family and in-laws who have passed.
—Guest Gordon Shenkle

Please Enroll My Dear Departed

George A. Kanu, Emmanuel E. Kanu, Fidelia C. Kanu, Chukwuagozikam Kanu, Esther Kanu, Nnaa Kanu UkaChukwu, Mgbokwo Kanu, Raphael Arodiogbu, Nmegha Arodiogbu, Nwafor Arodiogbu, Felicia Kanu, Nnajanu Kanu, Angela Enukoha, all deceased Nwosu's, all deceased Arodiogbu's, all deceased Kanu's, Ikodia Kanu, Gabriel A. Kanu, Livinus Kanu, Ngozi Kanu, Anunadike Kanu, Stephen Kanu, Ignetius Kanu, Maurice Kanu, Egwuime Kanu, Cerina Nwosu, Cerina's mother, Grace Nwankwo, Luke Nwankwo, Hyacinth Nwankwo, Dymphna Nwankwo, Helen Decan, Edmond Decan, Wilfred Cross, Adolphin Cross, Teddy Cross, Amanda Lewis and daughter, Jamie and Vio Cross, Donatien Worou, Marguerite Worou,Adija, Adija's twins, Lambert Worou, Sabine Gomez, Marie Louise Da Mata, Innocent Kauphy, Innocente Machicao, Bertha, Veronique Thomety, George Machicao,departed souls from the Worou family, the Chabi family, the Damata Family, the Gomez family, the Machicao family, Emilia Larezo, Innocent Kauphy, Emilia Machicao, Marc Kodiane.

Friends and Family of Linda Kelley

Thomas Kelley; Tony Sonntag; Joe Sonntag; Tony Sonntag Jr.; Daisy Sonntag; Ed Kelley; Libby Kelley
—Guest Linda Kelley

Friends and Family of Estrella V. Orcena

Ciriaco Orcena; Selfa Razal; Susan Diaz; Edger Polo; Conrado; Fedencia Camba; Shirley Camba; Helen and Henry Olayta; Leonardo Atos; Elena Loria; Ruben Astor; Angel Armario; Jose Navia; Leonisa Mar.
—Guest Estrella V, Orcena


Yes, Susan, I have prayed just now for your dearly beloved. May you know the comfort and peace only Jesus can give. May he comfort you with His presence.
—Guest Edward.Fullerton


Please enroll Peter, Joseph, and Eugene Fullerton. Jesus, Mary, Joseph. May the merciful and Most Precious Blood of Jesus descend upon them and the most forgotten.
—Guest Edward.Fullerton

Eternal Rest Grant Unto Them O Lord:

Ruth Shannon, Joseph Shannon, Beth Shannon, Jeremy Shannon, Tom and Rita Ahern, Robert Ahern, Edgar Bliek, Ferne Bliek, Minah Wager, Mazie Patte, Fred Kahler, Mark Baker, John Saxe, John Nigro, Michelle Babineau, Charlotte Wells, Marge Driscoll, all those who have no one praying for them, and those souls most in need of our prayers.

My Mother and Father

My mom died 10/24/2006; she was only 51. My daddy died 06/26/1985; he was only 32. I pray that they found each other (my mama always said they were soul mates!) and are happy once again. I miss and love them both so much, and also add my grandmothers, and grandpa.

Family of Marie

Mom, Dad, Rosaria, Anna, Grandmas, Grandpas, aunts and uncles, cousins.

Friends and Family of Michelle Martin

Martin Oursouw, Elisabeth Oursouw, Jeffrey Van Oursouw; Adam Rochecouste; Stuart Catherine; Lara Milne; Lisa Hawkless; Adam K; ancestors of the deceased; and those souls that have no one to pray for them.
—Guest Michelle Martin

Deceased Mother

Stean Sweet and all of my family members who have died.

My Parents...Please Pray for Their Souls

My Dad died in 1990 and my Mom in 1996. I ask for prayers for them and all souls in Purgatory. Amen and thank you.
—Guest Raoul & Denise Coicou

Family and Friends of Brandi Dringus

Claire Cuccagna, Peter Paterno, Norma Bennett, John Cuccagna, Loretta Dringus
—Guest Brandilex@aol.com

Family and Friends

Please pray for the following: Denis Rodino, Anne and Mary Wright, Grandma Brady, Robert Quinlan, and Chris Hall. Thank you.

Praying for the Dear Departed Ones

Marsella Akotch; Joseph Ojiambo; Cepriano Wandera; Alex Egesa; Magero Stephen; Joseph Okongo; Remigious Achiri; Margret Achiri; Julius Ayet; Kolofiridah Amentono; Donato Otenge; Dustine Ocandi; Joseph Chembu.

Enroll Your Dear Departed

Enroll Your Departed Loved Ones in the About.com Catholicism Purgatorial Society

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