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The Bible and Suicide

Readers Respond: Enroll Your Departed Loved Ones in the About.com Catholicism Purgatorial Society

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Family of Liz Caterson

George Tacko; Rose Tacko; Gregg Caterson, Robert Caterson, Dorothy Tacko, John Kercsi; all souls in purgatory

Prayer for the Deceased

Please include the following in your prayers: the Gunn, Graham, and Grube Families. Special prayers for John and Esther Graham and Marc and Steve Grube. Thank you.
—Guest Art

Departed of Elaine

Frederick Michael Smith, Jr.; Gary Mullen; Gertrude Smith; Joshua James Mitchell
—Guest Elaine Mitchell

Please Enroll

Please pray for my father, John Ahrens, my student, Janika Marrujo, my friend, Danny Vele, and all the souls who have no one to pray for them.

Family of Cynthia Valmores

Norman Valmores; Rufina Cid; Consolacion Valmores; Alfonso Luis Valmores; Lope Valmores; Gregorio Cid; Gregoria Cid; Lauro Cid; Juan and Maria Valmores; Ricardo and Eva Soriano; Bob Soriano; Evelyn Serviento
—Guest Cynthia Valmores

Prayers for the Departed

For mother-in-law Ruth Knipple, and father Enrico Campanale
—Guest mike campanale

Friends & Family of debbieguidi

Josephine M Guidi(Mother); Joseph J Cantieri; Lena Cantieri; John J Cantieri; Bruno Sodini; Lilia Sodini; Diane Sodini Capizzi; Ferruccio Guidi; Edvidga Guidi; Beppino Guidi; Brunice Guidi; Sergio Baldi; Msgr. Pietro Cantieri; William Pellizarri; Maria Pellizzari; Gloria Cantieri; Robert Quillici; Peter Pellizarri; Mary DeLutri; Josephine Spizzarri.

For My Departed Family and Friends

Freejoy, Suzzane, Francis, Josephine, Francisca, Philip, Demetria, Dominic, Alois, David, Lungile, Amos, Enock, Edith, Thomas, aangodza, aMusheshe, Nzira, Moud, Winnie, Charles, George
—Guest nyaya

Carol's Family

Timothy Martin Miller, Frances and Carl Minette, Fr. James Minette.

Dear Departed

Peter James Ndungu Njuguna, Lucy Jacinta Watiri Ndung'u, Rosemary Wambui Njuguna, David Njau Njuguna, Lilian Njoki Njau

Please Pray For

Gilbert Mwangi, John Kingori, Anne Naisimoi, Stella, George Kimani, Christine and Vincent Wanyanga, Peter Karicho, Hanna and George Kingori, Nyagiatha, Mary and Joseph Kihumba, Joe Kanyungu, Lucy Kanyungu, Kahoro, Elizabeth Kanyora, Andrew Kuraihu, Nyaguthie, Wagana, Gakuna, George Kingori.


Late: (all late Bosahs, Iwenofus and Oranyes) -- John N. Bosah, Stephen Bosah, Afuluenu Ibekwe, Anna Oboli, George Bosah, Hayford O. Bosah, Janet A. Bosah, Mbanefo Bosah, Alex Bosah, Young Bosah, Ernest Bosah, Theresa Bosah, Paul Bosah, Betsy Bosah, Albert Bosah, Edna Bosah, Betsy Bosah, Nwagbogu Bosah, Oselok Bosah, Patrick Bosah, Enuma Bosah, Catherine Anyogu, Joseph Anyogu, John C. Bosah, Bridget Uyanne, Obiekwe Oranye, Chuma Oranye, Obiora Oranye, Achike Oranye, Lawrence Oranye, Alfred Bosah, Emma Bosah, Aaron Bosah, Isaiah Bosah, Lucy Emembolu, Nneka Oranye, Esther Oranye, Elina Onochie, Mrs. Ozoh, Chinyelugo Obiozor, Akunne Obiozor, Gordon Egwuatu, M.M.Nasir, Bessie Ozoh, Ben Bosah, Helen Onochie, Grace Onyejekwe, Chinwe Iwenofu, Onyechi Iwenofu.

Loved Ones of Jonnie

I will be very grateful for Masses, other prayers and suffrages offered for my dead loved ones. I also remember all the poor souls in Purgatory and the souls of all aborted babies very often in my prayers.

Loved Ones and Friends of Fe

Victoriano Jr. Mantalaba; Aurora Mantalaba; Victoriano Sr. Mantalaba; Alejandra Mantalaba; Felisa Villasencio; Teodoro Sr. Villasencio; Ireneo Saramosing; Emilia Saramosing; Elizabeth Calaque; Antonio Calaque; Aquilina Magdurulang; Ildefonso Magdurulang; Yule Robles; Rosenda Barrera; Tomas Villasencio; Herminio Mantalaba; Macaria VIllasencio; Eliseo Villasencio; Violeta Villarosa; Lydio Lauron; Christian; Quintin Villasencio, and the forgotten ones

Tom's Relatives

James Burton, Helen Burton, Jimmy Burton, Bobby Burton, Sadie Burton James Burton, Sr., Herman and Bill Burton, Dorothy and Preston Burton, Cecil Burton and Wife, Lloyd and Pat Scearce, Betty Burton, John Lentsch, Bro. Richard, Bro Emory. Bishop Hillanger, Mr. and Mrs. Buczek, Mr. and Mrs. Basile, Ron Buarnaro, Rose's Husband, All Deceased Brothers, Sisters and Priests, For the War Dead, The Douglas's. Mr. and Mrs. Tinker, The Wagners, The Hestors, Mr. and Mrs. Basile, Mimi Basile
—Guest thomas burton

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