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Readers Respond: What Are You Giving Up for Lent 2010?

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Lent should be a period of spiritual growth, and one of the ways in which we grow spiritually is to remove our excessive attachments to the things of this world. That's why Catholics traditionally give up something for Lent, in addition to increasing their prayer and almsgiving.

Submission are now closed. You can browse the list to get ideas for your own Lenten sacrifices, or you can share your Lenten sacrifices in What Are You Giving Up for Lent 2014?

Lent 2010

I had enjoyed my life very much and now onwards I am trying to keep my self always busy in doing works, and I don't want to be ideal. I want to work, and I want to be in God's presence every day. I want to be with God all days.
—Guest Gladson baba


I have given up the pleasure of eating candy. I have done this the last two years and usually slip up toward the end. This year I can say I am going strong. When I am faced with a craving for sweetness, I think about my faith.
—Guest Jennifer Fiori


After smoking for 17 years, I gave it up last Lent and will continue through this year to make my one-year mark without smoking.
—Guest John

Quite a Few Things

Given that I do not smoke or drink excessively, giving up these vices didn't appear to be a real sacrifice. Instead I am going without chocolate, soft drinks, and energy drinks. That is quite a challenge, especially when concentration drops in mid-afternoon. My personal challenge, albeit merely a small one really in comparison. I like the response about taking something on as well as giving something up. I will try to use this next year.
—Guest Calippo

Beer and Soda Pop

I gave up beer and soda pop. I drink beer on weekends or maybe a beer sometimes with dinner, but I drink multiple Diet Cokes every day. Unfortunately, instead of drinking more water, I noticed I now drink gallons of coffee every day (ha ha).
—Guest Dave

I'm Doing Great

I've decided to not have any chocolate, any sweet food (other than fruits), any video games and beef on Fridays. Well, my day seems to be longer now, and there is nothing as sweet as a fresh fruit!
—Guest Nicola


For Lent I have added more prayer time, given up alcohol, and have also decided to discipline myself by driving the speed limit. The last one is the most difficult.
—Guest Judi

Extra Acts of Kindness

I am doing extra acts of kindness rather than giving up something.

Sharing with the Poor

My plan in Lent is to do good things to the poor. Give more time to my God than ever before. In the last three weeks I have done some things for the poor, but I feel they are not enough. My prayer is to do more and renew my spiritual life. I ask you, brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for me so that at the end of the period I become a changed person spiritually, for the better.
—Guest Harrison Makwenda

No Distractions

I am Catholic, and a procrastinating one at that. I procrastinate with my homework by reading my love, manga. I have given it up for the last two Lents, but every time, I would just switch over to anime. So, this year, I have decided to give up anime and manga in order actually to do my homework on time. Honestly, I'm dying a little, but I feel good every day that I make it without reading manga or watching anime. I've realized what a great amount of time I waste on those two and how many things I haven't done because I was distracted by those two. I still enjoy them, but for now, I am going to enjoy the rest of Lent without them and possibly do some painting instead.
—Guest JKD


I'm giving up food for Lent. I'm surviving on juice and water. It's not too bad . . . for now.
—Guest Pmanzn


I cannot give up food; I'm a diabetic. So I'm trying to forgive more. Saying the rosary more, reading my Bible more. Trying to get closer to God. I am wanting to hear His voice and not mine.
—Guest Mary


N have not been happy with life, to be sincere, but I will try to endure more and be happy as I say my rosary and other good works. Already I've been eating once each day, in the evening, and forgot about soft drinks and a local drink which I thought I could never do without.
—Guest Guest Eudy

Getting Drunk

I have gotten drunk nearly every weekend or week since I was about 16 years old. I will be turning 27 next month. Today is Wednesday, March 10, and it has been roughly three weeks since I had a drink. Halfway there! I DO IT FOR GOD NOT MYSELF: I will not let God down. We can all do it, and this board helped. Thank you all.
—Guest Joe


I'm giving up Facebook for Lent! It's been hard; I went through a little withdrawal, but no big deal. I'm still going, and I'm not even counting the days.
—Guest haggard23

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