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"I Had Already Searched for More Than a Year"

Share Your Story: How Saint Anthony Helped Me Find a Lost Item

By jellybean55

What I Lost

I've prayed to St. Anthony twice for help.

The first time I could not find my aunt's will; without it I couldn't proceed with probate. She had left me her house, which would have helped tremendously with finances.

The second time was just before I went to Ireland last year. My husband had died some months before, and his wishes were to have his ashes taken back to his hometown. I could not find my passport anywhere!

Why I Prayed to Saint Anthony, and What Happened

I knew that St. Anthony is the patron saint of lost articles, but I had never asked for intercession before.

With the will, I prayed to him for approximately one week before I found it. I had already searched for more than a year before I asked for his intercession.

With the passport I prayed for one day before finding it!

Thank you, St. Anthony, for prayers answered!


  • BELIEVE in St. Anthony's ability to intercede.
  • Pray with conviction.
  • Once your prayer has been answered, thank St. Anthony and tell others that he interceded for you.

What Prayer Did You Pray to Saint Anthony?

It was my own prayer: "Thank you, St. Anthony, for your intercession. I trust and believe in you. I know that you will guide and help me. Amen."

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