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"Dear St. Anthony, Dressed in Brown . . . "

Share Your Story: How Saint Anthony Helped Me Find a Lost Item


What I Lost

I cannot even list the numerous times I have prayed to St. Anthony to help find a lost item. Even my children call to ask me to pray with them when they lose something. He has worked every time.

My daughter lost her tiny diamond earring and couldn't find it for weeks. She finally called me to pray to St. Anthony and lo and behold that night she noticed a tiny glistening in the track of her closet door. It was the earring. She was shocked as she had vacuumed the bedroom many times in those two weeks and thought surely the vacuum would have sucked it up. Thanks to St. Anthony, it's back in her ear.

Why I Prayed to Saint Anthony, and What Happened

I have always been taught from a small child that St. Anthony helps find lost items.

Also another reason I love St. Anthony is that my cousin named Anthony drowned in an accident on spring break in Arkansas at only 18 years old. I ask my cousin Anthony to help St. Anthony tell me where to find the lost things, and he does.


  • Pray to St. Anthony every time you lose something, and he will become your favorite "go to" saint like he is mine.

What Prayer Did You Pray to Saint Anthony?

I always pray to St. Anthony and then I end with this little poem: "Dear St. Anthony, dressed in brown, please let my [insert item] be found."

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