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"You Might Say I Had a Real Problem"

Share Your Story: Why I Converted to Catholicism

By ConnieLaughlin

"You Might Say I Had a Real Problem"

Becoming Catholic

What I Was Before I Became a Catholic

At a young age, I dedicated my life to Jesus and was baptized at First Baptist Church in Corpus Christi.

My mom led me to God and took me to church, but she didn’t leave Him there - He lived in our home. She implanted Jesus in my heart and He never left me.

Why I Converted to Catholicism

I don’t know how this came to be but I never knew that my new husband would never attend any church service other than a Catholic one.

Maybe it was best at the time that I didn’t know.

Of course I knew he was Catholic, but didn’t know what an issue it would become.

I was Baptist, and when I asked him if he’d go with me to a Baptist church he adamantly refused being a cradle Catholic.

He thought those Baptists wouldn’t be good for him and I wasn’t too sure those Catholics would be good for me!!!

But I knew one thing for sure: I wanted to worship God with my husband by my side.

How I Converted to Catholicism

In order for me to fully embrace my husband’s religion and to become one, I enrolled in RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) class, and I was so moved by all the work, prayers, and hours and hours of service that all the leaders in the RCIA program so willingly provided.

So much of the Catholic Church seemed like Greek and with time God opened my heart to it.

During my time in the RCIA class I was being filled with the Holy Spirit by reading, studying, and meditating on His word and joining with others in prayer.

At times it personally didn’t seem right for me to change my religion.

It’s taken me a while to get in the groove with all the things Catholics do: all the stuff to learn, the rosary, praying to the saints and Mary, etc. I found it very awkward!

I was still struggling with my examination of conscience in my conversion leading up to the Easter Vigil. Or, maybe it was the devil having some fun with me, I don’t know.

I told my husband about this and he was pretty upset. I know it was weighing heavily on him and I was in his prayers daily.

During my conversion process I couldn’t get wrapped around why anyone would pray to Mary, even though she is the Blessed Mother of Jesus, born without the stain of original sin, and reigns as the Queen of Heaven, and all - I got it and I respected her, but still I thought to myself, “AM I GOING TO PRAY TO MARY?”


I’m very open to the power of the Holy Spirit. I spent a lot of time in prayer during Mass and other times and I would meditate on God's Word, opening myself for His mighty powers to enter my mind, heart, and soul so that I might be filled with His blessings.

Okay, so here’s another GOD thing that happened to me - or MAYBE it was a MARY thing. Even up to the Friday before Easter I found myself still emotionally lacking in the fullness of the Catholic Faith. And here I was in the process of becoming a Catholic!

You might say I had a real problem, only to find myself touched by the Holy Spirit during Mass on Good Friday.

At the exact time that our service ended and our pastor was carrying the Host out of church – carrying the Body of Christ from the altar - Mary came to me.

I smelled Mary. I mean I REALLY SMELLED MARY. She was all over me internally and externally; she was in my body and soul.


  • None of us are without sin, and I believe this may hold many of us back from enjoying all God’s graces. Maybe it’s the feeling of unworthiness or self-doubt that once you pick up that cross you’ll not be able to carry on.
  • Trust me, pick up that cross and open your heart and your eyes will see that all obstacles in your path will fall away.
  • Our God is so powerful that you’ll see the miracles happening all around you if you trust, and let go of all else but Him.

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