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Reader Stories: Why I Converted to Catholicism


These inspiring stories of converting to Catholicism were contributed by fellow readers of the About.com GuideSite to Catholicism. Click on the links below to read their testimony. And if you are a convert yourself, please share your story with us!

"A Good Samaritan Decided to Lead Me to Jesus"

I attended church regularly since then and just last year a Good Samaritan, seeing me decided to lead me to Jesus, by taking me to my parish priest and helping me enroll for the baptism preparation c…More

"The Catholic Faith Is Perfect and Pure"

I was then attending a Bible Study Group at our local Kapuziner Convent and discussed with a priest my intentions. He set the ball rolling and I went to see the head of the church here in my town. Af…More

"Only the Catholic Church Has the Eucharist"

I had studied all of the religions intently so I was familiar with Catholicism. Once I accepted Jesus, I knew the Catholic Church was the church I would want to be part of - only the Church has the E…More

"You Might Say I Had a Real Problem"

In order for me to fully embrace my husband’s religion and to become one, I enrolled in RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) class, and I was so moved by all the work, prayers, and ho…More

"Don't Let Anyone Intimidate You About Your Choice"

I took the "old" instructions from a priest in Utah, but didn't follow through with it. I was afraid. Finally, pregnant with our third child and a practicing Catholic except for the sacraments, I got…More

"I Was Feeling That Something Was Missing"

My wife's raising of our family Catholic was probably the one biggest aid but her entire family lives the Faith. Not once did anyone try and convert me; it was always there for me when I was ready. I…More

"The Decision Was Obvious to Us"

I began taking RCIA classes just to learn about more about the Church, not knowing if in fact I would become Catholic.The more I learned the more excited I became about the Faith and how little I kne…More

"The Mass Seemed to Call to Me"

After I became engaged to a man who was brought up in a traditional Catholic family, and we attended Mass together for some time, I finally got up the courage to speak to the priest about converting …More

"Follow Your Heart"

I was sneaky. I was afraid of the "Mormon mafia." I started taking RCIA classes while I was pregnant with my third child. I told my parents (particularly my father) that I was taking night classes. F…More

"One of My Coworkers Invited Me to Go to Mass"

I was really floundering after I left the Mormon church, felt like I had nowhere to go, as I had visited many of the Protestant churches before I became a Mormon and did not feel that any of them wer…More

"My Husband Also Decided to Return to His Faith"

Fr. Frank Gilbert helped me with all the resources, and after attending church regularly and with lots of encouragement and help from Father Frank, the happy day came for my confirmation, reconciliat…More

"I Gazed Up at the Crucifix and Felt the Presence of the Lord"

My husband and I converted together through the RCIA program. Before we began the conversion process, I read everything I could find about the Catholic Faith to make sure it was for me. We also went …More

"My Husband Had Never Doubted the Truth of the Catholic Church"

I had always believed in the Catholic Eucharist; it just seemed to be exactly what the New Testament said. I had other issues, but studying for over a year cleared them up for me. My husband had neve…More

"I Thought of Myself as a Good Person, But I Could Do Better"

Went through RCIA. I had the encouragement of Deacon Howard, who at that time was going through training to be a deacon. He offered support and good general direction. I also had Sister Mary Pierre, …More

"I Became Convinced That the Church Jesus Established was a Teaching Church"

I approached my parish priest. He told me that I didn't need to worry about a lot of catechism like in the old days.I left and ended up at a parish that celebrates the Tridentine Mass exclusively. (I…More

"The Holy Spirit Entered My Life"

After a couple of months I visited the parish church and spent only a few months in RCIA. I was welcomed into the Church in January this year. The Holy Mother is so very much part of my life. I have …More

"It All Made Sense to Me"

I began by talking to the priest at the church my boyfriend attended. We had taken a basic "Introduction to Catholicism" class at the church a year or so before, so that I could learn more about the …More

"As Soon as I Walked Through the Door, I Knew I Was Home Again"

I chose to convert to Catholicism because I had been searching all my life and I felt God's call upon me to come home to the Catholic Church. I have been a Catholic now since 2007, and I am constantl…More

"Embrace Your New Faith Fully"

I studied in an RCIA program at a Catholic church. The RCIA program director/instructor helped me learn about the Catholic Faith and traditions. I also had a sponsor, my husband, who was my fianc…More

"The Only One That Has To Be Happy With Your Decision Is You"

It helped that I liked the priest at the time. It would have been hard to go through if the priest is someone you clash with, whether it be personalities or whatever.I went through RCIA classes (Sept…More

"My Written Contract With the Catholic Faith"

A Catholic priest, Fr. Caraman, was posted to this village in 1963 and opened a Catholic school. I could attend the school provided I converted. My dad made the poor priest sign to the fact that I wo…More

"I Didn’t Even Know What Sin Was. God Changed All That."

I started taking RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) classes in English, because I didn’t feel prepared to take them in Spanish yet. I had been taking the classes for a few months whe…More

"Everyone Is Catholic—They Just Have Not Realized It Yet"

I have a wonderful daughter-in-law (now, not then) and my best friend who were there for me every step of the way. We were taught through the Catechism but I found true meaning to the Faith through t…More

From Neopagan Priestess to Faithful Catholic

After being exposed to the practice of Kabbalah, I began looking at Reformed Judaism as a possible option. It was respectable and service oriented. It would do. I started reading the Old Testament ag…More

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