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"Merry Christmas From Heaven"

Submit an Entry: Christmas Trees - Pictures and Stories

By dvall

"Merry Christmas From Heaven"

My little tree...

"Merry Christmas From Heaven"

This is the ornament with my parents picture.

Is Your Christmas Tree Real or Artificial?


If Your Tree Is Real, What Kind of Tree Is It?


Where Did You Get Your Tree?

local tree farm

Tell Us About Your Christmas Tree:

We had to use a small tree on a table to minimize the attacks by our energetic kitten.

Tell Us About a Special Ornament or a Family Tradition:

There is a red heart-shaped ornament on the tree with a picture of my mom and dad. The words on the ornament says "Forever in Our Hearts, Merry Christmas from Heaven." I lost both my parents in the same year. Mom died suddenly on Jan 15, 2007; Dad died on Dec 13, 2007.

Tips and Tricks

  • to make a sparse tree look fuller, run the lights up each branch toward the center of the tree.

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