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Reader Submissions: Christmas Trees - Pictures and Stories


These pictures of Christmas trees were submitted by your fellow readers of the About.com GuideSite to Catholicism. Click on the links below to spark your own ideas for decorating your Christmas tree. And if you've already put up your Christmas tree, please share your pictures with us!

"Building a Family Tradition"

We are adding a new (Dated) ornament each year. The 2011 will be featured on a stand...then in 2012 the 2011 will be moved to the tree. Each year we will display the ornament of that year. Then the n…More

"One of Our Trees Is in Memory of Family Members That Have Passed Away"

I use the lights to represent them, each one meaning something different to me, the only other thing I make sure is that because the tree's outside it has cctv cameras watching it all through the Dec…More

"An Advent Tree"

I once made a set of Chrismons--ornaments for an Advent tree from the Lutheran tradition--for my parish church. We incorporated the Advent tree right into the Offertory at Holy Mass. Everyone said it…More

"It Really Is an Artificial Tree!"

I have a very old paper-chain that my children made when they were little, which still goes on the lower branches. I can't believe so much time has passed; but Christmas is the perfect time of year t…More

"A Red Christmas Card Sits in the Tree"

A red Christmas card from my husband's brother Bryan sits in the tree every year. It was sent in 2003, the last one he will ever send us from Portland, Oregon, where he lived. He was killed by a drun…More

"Merry Christmas From Heaven"

There is a red heart-shaped ornament on the tree with a picture of my mom and dad. The words on the ornament says "Forever in Our Hearts, Merry Christmas from Heaven." I lost both my parents in the s…More

"Our Tree, While a Little Crazy, Feels Like Home"

Our family tradition is that after the tree is all decorated we throw bows at it. This came about many years ago when we were first married and had no money for ornaments. We bought a bag of bows for…More

"Our Kids Found a Bird's Nest in the Tree!"

We put our tree up on Gaudete Sunday every year and keep it up until Epiphany. Scott and our boys brave the cold weather to pick out the tree while the girls and I stay home where it's warm. We get t…More

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