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Fr. Z's Blog - What Does The Prayer Really Say?

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By Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Fr. Z's Blog - What Does The Prayer Really Say?

Fr. Z's Blog, WDTPRS.COM, on 10 Feb 2011

Fr. Z's Blog - What Does The Prayer Really Say?

Ordination in 1991

What is the name of your Catholic blog?

Fr. Z's Blog - What Does The Prayer Really Say?

What is the URL of your Catholic blog?


When did you start your Catholic blog?

December 2005

Why did you start your Catholic blog?

The blog was at first to be an archive for my weekly column in the Catholic newspaper The Wanderer. The original name "What Does The Prayer Really Say?" was the same as the name of the column. It quickly developed into a blog for "frank commentary on Catholic issues" and other matters.

What topics do you cover, and what is your main focus?

Its original purpose was to compare English liturgical translations with the Latin texts. I want to help people know better and love more deeply the true content of the prayers of Holy Mass, Christ. "Slavishly accurate translations" are a crowbar to pry open the prayers. There are polls, podcasts and an Ask Father Question Box. I comment on Catholic issues and matters of life, including the birds at the feeder outside my window, what I cook, read, etc. We always defend the unborn and dignity of human life. We work to revitalize our Catholic identity with a special focus on our all important liturgical worship.

What makes your Catholic blog unique and worth reading?

There is a strong focus on our liturgical worship. The way we worship God is the key to revitalizing our Catholic identity. After the strong focus on liturgy, we talk about a vast range of topics mostly Catholic, often about life in general. I don't often mince words. We try to inject some humor into what we look at. There are also polls and quite lively discussion in the combox, which I do my best to moderate and maintain, within reason, a civil tone. Sometimes I fail, but I try.


  • Think before posting, and don't post anything beneath the dignity you and your readers have as God's image and likeness.

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Fr. John Zuhldorf's Fr. Z's Blog - What Does The Prayer Really Say? was chosen by the readers of the About.com Catholicism GuideSite as one of five finalists for Best Catholic Blog in the 2011 About.com Catholicism Readers' Choice Awards.

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