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Reader Submissions: My Catholic Blog


There are hundreds—perhaps thousands—of Catholic blogs on the web. From Catholic theology to daily Catholic devotionals, from Catholic apologetics to Catholic news, Catholic blogs focus on many different topics. The following is a list of Catholic blogs that have been submitted to the About.com Catholicism GuideSite. Check them out—you're certain to find some Catholic blogs that you will want to read every day!

And if you have a Catholic blog of your own, what are you waiting for? Click "Share Your Catholic Blog" to, well, share your Catholic blog with the readers of the About.com Catholicism GuideSite!

The Catholic Sojourner

My journey to the Catholic Church has had many twists and turns, and I am seeking in each installment on my blog to show how Our Merciful Lord was guiding my every step closer to Him and to the bosom…More


Father Rob Ketcham and Monsignor Charles Fink of the Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY, with the blessing of the Most Reverend William F. Murphy S.T.D., Bishop of Rockville Centre, are Roman Catholic p…More

Gathered In Unity

It is very refreshing leaving readers who come on to my site to be uplifted in their faith. I post often with quality material so therefore don't "pump out" posts that aren't worth people's time to r…More

Every Catholic Blog

It is simple, and made with love.I just want to let them feel and know that God loves them, personally, each and every one of them. Even they be the biggest sinners in the world, if they repent, and …More

Granola Catholic

This blog has daily themes so each day you will get information on something different. I feature Let's Talk Tuesdays, Wordless Wednesday, Real Food Thursdays, Family Friday, In my Garden on Saturday…More

These Stone Walls: Musings From Prison of a Priest Falsely Accused

This is the blog of Fr. Gordon J. MacRae, a falsely accused and wrongly convicted Catholic priest. He is serving a prison sentence of 67 years after having three times refused a "plea deal" to plead …More

Loyal Views

This is an extremely orthodox blog, well I try to make it one! I post about the Traditional Latin Mass, the Mass in general, our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. With the occasional post about the lat…More

Spreading the Word Digitally

To my knowledge there is no other site of its kind in the blogosphere. Based on my own experience and findings, I've designed this blog to raise awareness among blog readers and authors of the potent…More

That Resource Site

The focus of our blog is to make learning a fun, affordable and faithfilled experience for families and educators. Our Catholic blog accompanies our resource website of the same name. Between our blo…More

My Catholic Kitchen

It is not a theologian point of view. I am not a priest or a nun. I don't claim to have all the answers. My blog is personal, it speaks from the heart. The perspective comes from a layman's point of …More

Catholic Blog Against Pornography

This blog contains a lot of widely accepted arguments against pornography and its far-reaching and damaging effects to relationships and victims alike.All the major faiths around the world condemn po…More

The Impractical Catholic

People should check out my blog if they're looking to laugh, to rage, to chew on something for a bit, to hear exquisite riches from our Catholic heritage ... sort of like the every flavor beans Harry…More

Outside the Asylum

I'm the sole writer at this time. I combine the eyes of a revert with the background of a social sciences student; I'm very much a layman on a journey, looking for company as I muse on what the Gospe…More

Waking Up Catholic

Often times, the Bible and traditions of the Church can be confusing for RCIA students. The RCIA classes answer many questions that new Catholics have, but it may leave them looking for more.Waking U…More

Speramus-We Hope Meliora

God has many and varied ways of communicating with his people! One image of Our Lady at Guadelupe resulted in mass conversions to the faith. I am the sole writer and not an accomplished writer at tha…More

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