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"Save the Christmas Trees for Christmas"

Submit an Entry: Homemade Advent Wreaths - Pictures and Stories

By Laura

"Save the Christmas Trees for Christmas"

A unique Advent wreath

Did You Make This Advent Wreath or Was It Given to You?

I made this Advent wreath last year after reading Scott's directions for making an Advent wreath. I made this one for my bedroom.

How Do You Use the Advent Wreath?

I only lit my Advent wreath on Sundays so the candles would last. Someday I will have a bigger Advent wreath I can light more often. I made this one out of a votive candle with birthday candles. I lit the votive candle until the wax melted then stuck the birthday candles in it.

Tips and Tricks

  • I don't have any tips or tricks but I think it's a good idea to enjoy our Advents wreaths during Advent and save the Christmas trees for Christmas.

Scott P. Richert, About.com Catholicism, says:

Make your own Advent wreath using these simple directions on How to Make an Advent Wreath!

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