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Reader Submissions: Homemade Advent Wreaths - Pictures and Stories


These pictures of homemade Advent wreaths were submitted by your fellow readers of the About.com GuideSite to Catholicism. Click on the links below to spark your own ideas for homemade Advent wreaths. And if celebrate Advent with an Advent wreath you have made yourself, or if these photos and stories inspire you to make one, please share your pictures with us!

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"Martinez Family Advent Wreath in Arizona"

We pray over it during meals at Advent and light the candles for each Sunday (youngest child, oldest child, mom, and dad). This wreath serves as a reminder to our family of the focal point of this ti…More

"Seven Days 'Til Christmas"

Our family, including all six kids, sing "O Come Emmanuel" in English and in Latin while we light the wreath. My husband and I sing the Latin part in harmony. We try to light it every night for dinne…More

"Easy DIY Advent Wreath"

We are following the newsletter and lighting on Sundays. Lighting the candle weekly and when company is over to highlight the wreath and generate questions. It's a fun activity with girls also influe…More

The Hendey Family Advent Wreath

We pray around our wreath but it's also a focal point in our kitchen. At the moment, it's our only holiday decoration, so it does a great job of reminding us to make the most of the season of Advent.…More

"Our Children's 'Hand'made Advent Wreath"

Once a week we add another flame. We keep it by our children's dining/play table.We pray and speak of the hope, joy, preparation and love each candle symbolizes.As my children get older we notice mor…More

"My Advent Wreath and Candles"

I attend a very contemporary church that has very little understanding of church tradition and history. Instead of complaining about this I decided to asked my pastor if I could do the lighting of th…More

Country Advent Wreath

We will pray a blessing the eve of Advent and sprinkle holy water on it. We will say a prayer before lighting the candle each day before dinner. We have a meditation booklet with prayers from church …More

"Our First Advent Wreath"

We light the candles of our Advent Wreath every night during Advent before we eat dinner. We say our Grace Before Meals prayer and then enjoy our dinner with the candles lit until the end of our meal…More

"Advent Is a Time of Joyful Expectation of the Coming of the Lord"

On Sunday candles are lit and I am saving some candles for the 25th. This is the first time I bought one to use at home. Advent is a time of joyful expectation of the coming of the Lord. It is a time…More

"Save the Christmas Trees for Christmas"

I only lit my Advent wreath on Sundays so the candles would last. Someday I will have a bigger Advent wreath I can light more often. I made this one out of a votive candle with birthday candles. I li…More

"The Kids Look Forward to Every New Candle"

We say bedtime prayers every night so the beginning of Advent is greatly anticipated and something different and full of family memories of years past. Starting on the 1st Sunday of Advent we say our…More

"My Homemade Dollar-Store Advent Wreath"

This one is on our dining table and is lit every evening during meal time. It is probably the most meaningful of the wreaths through the house since it was so simple to make. It helps remind us to ke…More

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