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Articles related to clerical sexual abuse

Clergy Sexual Abuse: Separating Fact, Fiction, and ... - Catholicism
Mar 23, 2010 ... Over the past few weeks, I have had several readers ask about the recent allegations of clerical sexual abuse in Europe, particularly in Ireland ...
Vatican Guidelines on Allegations of Clerical Sexual Abuse
Apr 12, 2010 ... A text designed to help lay people understand the procedures that the Vatican enforces to investigate allegations of clerical sexual abuse.
A Second Youth for Adult Stem Cells - Catholic Roundup - Catholicism
Refusing to acknowledge changes in how the Catholic Church handles sexual- abuse allegations, the authors of the report have demanded that the Vatican ...
Clerical Sexual Abuse: The Case of Fr. Marcial Maciel ... - Catholicism
May 3, 2010 ... On Friday, April 30, 2010, Pope Benedict XVI met with a group of bishops and archbishops who had been appointed to investigate the situation ...
The Vatican's Circular Letter Concerning Sexual Abuse of Minors
May 16, 2011 ... A summary and an analysis of the Vatican's May 2011 Circular Letter on Clerical Sexual Abuse.
Fact, Fiction, and Anti-Catholic Bias - Catholicism - About.com
Mar 25, 2010 ... "Vatican Declined to Defrock U.S. Priest Who Abused Boys" read ... most heinous cases of clerical sexual abuse revealed in the United States.
Catholic Church Scandal Cartoons - Catholic Church Abuse Political ...
View a series of political cartoons about the Catholic Church abuse scandal involving pedophile priests. ... Pope Sexual Abuse Scandal. Pope Sexual Abuse  ...
Do Anti-Catholics Have No Shame? - Catholicism - About.com
Feb 28, 2013 ... And everyone agreed that Pope Benedict's resignation had, at least in part, been occasioned by the "enormity" of the clerical sexual-abuse ...
Catholic Church Sex Scandal Jokes - Pedophile Priest Jokes
Jokes, cartoons, and other humor about pedophile priests and the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal.
Teacher Sexually Abused Kids at Catholic School - Agnosticism ...
Dec 4, 2012 ... In Baltimore, Maryland, a teacher named John Joseph Merzbacher apparently not only raped pre-teen students, but did so in front of at least ...
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