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Best Catholic Media - About Catholicism Readers' Choice Awards 2011


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Best Catholic Newspaper - 2011 Catholicism Readers' Choice Awards Winners
National Catholic Register Best Catholic Newspaper 2011 About.com Catholicism Readers' Choice Awards

The National Catholic Register was named Best Catholic Newspaper in the 2011 About.com Catholicism Readers' Choice Awards.

National Catholic Register

The winner for Best Catholic Newspaper in the 2011 About.com Catholicism Readers' Choice Awards is the National Catholic Register. Founded in 1927 and recently acquired by EWTN, the National Catholic Register proclaims its mission to be "to provide a perspective on the news of the day as seen through the eyes of the Magisterium," assisting Catholics "in engaging the culture with confidence in the saving and sanctifying Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Managing editor Tom Wehner delivered the National Catholic Register's reaction to the award:

It's clear from the voting that faithful Catholic journalism is on the rise. We want to thank all the voters who honor the Register and our faithfulness to the Pope and the magisterium of the Church with About.com's award for Best Catholic Newspaper. This is a reflection of the hard work of a lot of good people who are dedicated to the mission of the New Evangelization.
We acknowledge our responsibility as a faithful Catholic journalism enterprise, and About.com's award serves as a reminder of that responsibility.

Best Catholic Newspaper Results:

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