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Offering to Saint Joseph

An Act of Consecration to Saint Joseph


Statue of St. Joseph, Lourdes Grotto, St. Mary Oratory, Rockford, IL. (Photo © Scott P. Richert)

Statue of Saint Joseph in the Lourdes Grotto, Saint Mary Oratory, Rockford, Illinois.

(Photo © Scott P. Richert)

As the foster father of Jesus and the spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph protected the Holy Family from harm. In this prayer, we consecrate ourselves to Saint Joseph and ask him to protect us, too, especially at the hour of our death.

Offering to Saint Joseph

O great Saint Joseph, thou generous depositary and dispenser of immortal riches, behold us prostrate at thy feet, imploring thee to receive us as thy servants and as thy children. Next to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, of which thou art the faithful copy, we acknowledge that there is no heart more tender, more compassionate than thine.

What, then, have we to fear, or, rather, for what should we not hope, if thou dost deign to be our benefactor, our master, our model, our father, and our mediator? Refuse not, then, this favor, O powerful protector! We ask it of thee by the love thou hast for Jesus and Mary. Into thy hands we commit our souls and bodies, but above all the last moments of our lives.

May we, after having honored, imitated, and served thee on earth, eternally sing with thee the mercies of Jesus and Mary. Amen.

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