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A Prayer to Know Our Vocation

A Prayer for Discernment


Trying to discover what we should do with our lives is not an easy task. As Christians, we can glorify God in everything we do, but for each of us, there are vocations that are better for our salvation. Discerning our vocation in life is important.

This is a very good prayer to pray as a novena at those times in life when we need to make a decision about our vocation.

Prayer to Know our Vocation

My Lord Jesus Christ, who didst die for my salvation, I implore Thee, through the merits of Thy passion, to give me light and strength to choose that state of life which is best for my salvation. Speak, Lord, for Thy servant heareth. Let me know what Thou wishest from me, and I will do all; and let me especially know in what state Thou wishest me to serve Thee; make Thou known to me the way in which I should walk, in order to reach heaven. And Thou, my loving Mother Mary, obtain this grace for me through thy powerful intercession. Amen.

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