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Ave Maria - Definition of the Ave Maria


The Annunciation, Central Russia, late 1800's. (Photo © Slava Gallery, LLC; used with permission.)

The Annunciation, Central Russian icon, egg tempera on wood, late 1800's.

(Photo © Slava Gallery, LLC; used with permission.)
Definition: The Ave Maria is the Latin form of one of the most popular Catholic prayers, the Hail Mary. The Ave Maria was frequently set to music by classical composers (for instance, Stravinsky and Verdi), and, when people refer to the Ave Maria, they often mean one of those compositions.
Pronunciation: ˈäˌvā ˈmärēə
Also Known As: The Hail Mary, the Angelic Salutation, Gabriel's Greeting, Bohorodice Divo
"The most famous musical setting of the Ave Maria was composed by Charles Gounod in 1859."
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