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2013 About Catholicism Readers' Choice Awards Finalists


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Best Catholic Blog - 2013 About Catholicism Readers' Choice Awards Finalists
The 2013 Readers' Choice Awards Finalist Logo.

The 2013 Readers' Choice Awards Finalist Logo.


Catholic blogs come in all shapes and sizes—some written by laymen, some by priests, others by religious; some are attached to broader Catholic websites (see the next category), and some stand on their own. These five finalists were chosen by the readers of the About.com Catholicism GuideSite as the Best Catholic Blog. Read a brief description of each of the finalists for Best Catholic Blog, then scroll down to vote for your favorite!

Best Catholic Blog Finalists:

  • These Stone Walls (http://thesestonewalls.com)

    Subtitled "Musings From Prison of a Priest Falsely Accused," These Stone Walls is the blog of Fr. Gordon MacRae, who has spent over 18 years in a New Hampshire state prison because he refused to plead guilty to charges of clerical sexual abuse. In 2005, the Wall Street Journal took up Father MacRae's case and laid bare the evidence that his conviction was unjustified.
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  • Fr. Z's Blog - What Does the Prayer Really Say? (http://wdtprs.com/blog/)

    Featuring "Slavishly accurate liturgical translations & frank commentary on Catholic issues – by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf o{]:¬)", a regular columnist for The Wanderer, What Does the Prayer Really Say? is the first place to turn for those who want answers concerning the celebration of the Mass, in both its Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms.
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  • Holy Souls Hermitage (http://holysoulshermitage.com)

    Holy Souls Hermitage is the blog of Fr. George David Byers, who is living the life of a "Catholic Priest-Hermit" on "one of the ridges of the Blue Ridge Mountains" in the Diocese of Charlotte, North Carolina. "Holy Souls Hermitage," writes Father Byers, "is dedicated to the sanctification of my fellow priests, bishops, deacons & seminarians going through the purgatory of this life or the next."
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  • Bad Catholic (http://www.patheos.com/blogs/badcatholic/)

    Subtitled "Read or Die," Bad Catholic was founded in 2010. Author Marc Barnes writes, "I first started this blog because I write everything down. This is a Catholic blog, true, but it’s neither a ministry nor an apostolate"—a refreshing perspective in the Catholic blogosphere.
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  • Truth & Charity (http://truthandcharity.net)

    A group blog, "Truth & Charity is written and published by lay Catholics who love Jesus Christ and His Church. We are eager to evangelize our culture by demonstrating the relevance and depth of our faith as it touches on numerous issues, both current and timeless."
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