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Fraternal Visit to the Archbishop of Canterbury - Pope Benedict in the U.K.


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Pope Benedict XVI Blesses Pakistani Boys at Lambeth Palace
Pope Benedict XVI blesses brothers Ayob, Youbab, and Moosa Rana. (Chris Ison/PA Wire-Getty Images)

Pope Benedict XVI blesses Pakistani brothers Ayob (8), Youbab (7), and Moosa Rana (5), at Lambeth Palace, September 17, 2010. The boys are the sons of the Rev. Rana Khan of the archbishop of Canterbury's staff.

(Photo by Chris Ison/PA Wire-Getty Images)

(The text of Pope Benedict's address at Lambeth Palace, continued from previous page)

"The context in which dialogue takes place between the Anglican Communion and the Catholic Church has evolved in dramatic ways since the private meeting between Pope John XXIII and Archbishop Geoffrey Fisher in 1960. On the one hand, the surrounding culture is growing ever more distant from its Christian roots, despite a deep and widespread hunger for spiritual nourishment. On the other hand, the increasingly multicultural dimension of society, particularly marked in this country, brings with it the opportunity to encounter other religions. For us Christians this opens up the possibility of exploring, together with members of other religious traditions, ways of bearing witness to the transcendent dimension of the human person and the universal call to holiness, leading to the practice of virtue in our personal and social lives. Ecumenical cooperation in this task remains essential, and will surely bear fruit in promoting peace and harmony in a world that so often seems at risk of fragmentation. (continued on next page)

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