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Fraternal Visit to the Archbishop of Canterbury - Pope Benedict in the U.K.


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Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams Greets Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Benedict XVI is greeted by Rowan Williams at Lambeth Palace. (Chris Ison/PA Wire-Getty Images)

Pope Benedict XVI is greeted by the archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, as Pope Benedict arrives at Lambeth Palace on September 17, 2010, the second day of his visit to the United Kingdom.

(Photo by Chris Ison/PA Wire-Getty Images)

(The text of Pope Benedict's address at Lambeth Palace, continued from previous page)

"It is not my intention today to speak of the difficulties that the ecumenical path has encountered and continues to encounter. Those difficulties are well known to everyone here. Rather, I wish to join you in giving thanks for the deep friendship that has grown between us and for the remarkable progress that has been made in so many areas of dialogue during the forty years that have elapsed since the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission began its work. Let us entrust the fruits of that work to the Lord of the harvest, confident that he will bless our friendship with further significant growth. (continued on next page)

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