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What Is Lent? - Catholicism - About.com
Definition: Lent is a 40-day period of preparation for Easter Sunday and one of the major liturgical seasons of the Catholic Church. A penitential season marked  ...
When Is Lent 2015? - Catholicism
Lent is the season of penance and prayer before Easter. Find the dates of Lent 2015.
Catholic Calendar for Lent 2015 - Lenten Calendar 2015 - Catholicism
Lent is a time of preparation for the death of Christ on Good Friday and His Resurrection on Easter. Here are the Sundays and major feast days for Lent 2015.
What Is Lent and the Lenten Season in Christianity?
Lent is the Christian season of preparation before Easter. In Western Christianity, Ash Wednesday marks the first day, or the start of the season of Lent, which ...
The Season of Lent in the Catholic Church - Catholicism - About.com
What is the season of Lent in the Roman Catholic Church? Which holy days fall in Lent? How is Lent practiced in Roman Catholicism? Find out more about Lent  ...
When Is Lent? - Find the Dates of Lent - Catholicism - About.com
Lent, the season of penance and prayer before Easter, changes every year. Find the dates of Lent.
When Does Lent Start? - Catholicism - About.com
Question: Lent is the period of preparation for the celebration of the greatest Christian mystery, the death of Christ on Good Friday and His Resurrection on ...
The 40 Days of Lent - A Short History of the Lenten Fast - Catholicism
Until very recently, the liturgical season of Lent and the Lenten fast were coextensive, running from Ash Wednesday until Holy Saturday, when the Easter season ...
When Is Lent 2014? - Dates of Lent 2014 - Catholicism - About.com
Lent is the season of penance and prayer before Easter. Find the dates of Lent 2014.
What Is Lent? When Does Lent Occur? - Agnosticism/Atheism
What is Lent?: In the Christian liturgical calendar, Lent is the penitential period of 40 days from Ash Wednesday to Easter. Traditional Christians observances of ...
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