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Catholicism 101: An Introduction to the Catholic Church
Learn about the basic beliefs and practices of Catholicism.
Catholicism and the Catholic Church (Articles and Resources)
Learn more about Catholicism and deepen your understanding of Christian life within the Catholic Church.
Seasons and Holidays in Catholicism
Learn about the holy days and holidays of the Catholic calendar. Follow the ... Learn more about Easter and the traditions and customs surrounding the holiday.
Roman Catholic Church Beliefs and Practices
For the purpose of comparison, we will look at the main differences between the beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic faith and most other Protestant ...
Coptic Christian Beliefs and Practices
Founded in the first century in Egypt, the Coptic Christian Church shares many beliefs and practices with the Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox ...
Eastern Orthodox Church Beliefs and Practices
The primary disputes that led to the split between the Eastern Orthodox and the Roman Catholic Church centered around Rome's deviation from the original ...
Roman Catholic Church Denomination
This Roman Catholic church profile provides a brief sketch of the denomination including the beliefs and practices of the faith.
Top 10 Books About Catholicism
Some of the most popular books about Catholicism, Catholic literature, and ... A summary of Catholic beliefs, practices, and prayers by Francis Cardinal, O.M.I. ...
A Calendar of German Holidays and Customs - German-English
Some of the holidays listed here are regional or specifically Catholic or Protestant celebrations ... Customs and Traditions > Historic Timeline (English-German).
Uniat and Eastern Rite Churches
Rather than reinforcing local practices, unification tends to reinforce a pervasive Latinization as Roman Catholic practices and traditions tend to take control.
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